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Every effort is being made to ensure ADJOAA becomes a fully circular and sustainable business. At first, we may not be perfect. We’re still learning. But being a sustainable marketplace is our core value, because social impact is in our DNA. From our business model to operational practices, right down to the packaging we use and conversations we have with our stakeholders and investors, we are committed to a fully sustainable way of working - and we will not compromise at any step of the way.

Our CommitmentsOur Commitments

We are intentional. Intentional about our collaborations, partnerships and everyone we work with, only aligning with those who share our values and commitment to sustainability.

We are transparent. Unfortunately, greenwashing is on the rise, but ours is a strong belief that will continue to remain at the heart of ADJOAA. If you have any questions about our practices, thoughts on where we can do better, or simply wish to know more, we welcome you to reach out to us. Our designers will openly share what they do and their plans for the future. 

We are working towards a better future. Through tree planting, sustainable gardening or farming in collaboration with low decile communities, we are working with our platform and brands to become carbon positive.

Our PackagingOur Packaging

We’re all aware of the excessive packaging and overuse of non-sustainable materials in today’s retail practices. At ADJOAA, all orders are efficiently packed using recycled paper and compostable bags. We will continue to monitor and assess our ways of packaging your orders to have as little negative impact on our environment as possible.

Artisanal or handmade/ Handcrafted


Ethical sourcing


Transparent - Traceable

Sustainable materials

Recycle or repurposed

Circularity - upcycle+repurposed, recycle and reduce waste

Give-back / Charity supported

Fair/Living wage

Sourced with care

Gender equality

Community minded / community engagement


Our Process
Our Process

We scout, invite, vet and aggregate high-quality sustainable brands for our global community of smart, conscientious and curious consumers seeking original, premium and limited-run products.

We manage the business of fashion—sales channels, plus marketing and logistics—to support the ethical and sustainability credentials of the products we sell and what we stand for and support.

We work with designers and creatives who share our brand philosophy - ethical manufacturing, sustainable sourcing and transparent operations, and a social impact focus - and values.

Wear our stories.

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