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Éki Kéré

Éki Kéré is a Nigerian fashion brand that beautifully blends African traditions and craftsmanship with a contemporary and ethical approach. Founded in 2017 by Abasikieme Ukanireh, the Creative Director and CEO, Éki Kéré celebrates the rich heritage of African arts and crafts through its unique clothing designs.

At Éki Kéré, sustainability is at the core of every creation. The brand takes a reverse approach to environmental sustainability by incorporating raffia and plantain fibres into its designs, creating truly unique and eco-conscious pieces. By using materials sourced locally and inspired by the surrounding community, Éki Kéré aims to support and uplift its heritage while minimising its carbon footprint.

Discover a collection that pays homage to traditional African arts and crafts, reimagined for the modern fashion lover. Each piece from Éki Kéré is a labour of love, deeply rooted in cultural heritage and created with a commitment to minimising fashion waste.
Explore the artisanal designs and sustainable fashion of Éki Kéré on ADJOAA. Embrace the beauty of African traditions, craftsmanship, and ethical fashion. Shop now and be part of the Éki Kéré movement towards a more sustainable and culturally rich future.

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