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Moyo Ogunseinde

Moyo Ogunseinde is the co-founder and creative director of Aga Culture. She is a trained architect and works as a real estate developer and designer. Moyo is passionate about African culture and design and has a desire to share this through objects. Her creative background dates back to her childhood in Ibadan. Moyo grew up in Ibadan, a historic and culture rich capital city in South Western Nigeria. Ibadan has been of great influence to her design outlook and has made her keen on promoting African art and design. Growing up in Ibadan has affected her profoundly. Moyo’s designs are full of the cultural nuances she grew up with. The environment was full of lively marketplaces, red sand, brown rooftops, vibrant celebrations and cultural energy.

She studied Architecture at UCL in the UK, which gave her a more formal and contemporary approach to design. As she is also passionate about her African culture, she had a desire to fuse her modern education with African materials and textures through objects and furniture. This resulted in product design that is derived not only from cultural heritage but also from a place of self expression, instinct and formal architectural education. The rawness and simplicity of forms evoke emotions and deeper connection to Yoruba culture and the values she seeks to preserve.







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