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Boye-Doe Blue

Dream of a land my soul is from

I hear a hand stroke on the drum

Shades of delight

Cocoa hue

Rich as the night

Afro blue

Elegant boy

Beautiful girl

Dancing for joy

Delicate whirl

Shades of delight

Cocoa hue

Rich as the night

Afro blue . . .

Afro blue

Afro blue

 -- Robert Glasper


Let’s talk about David Kusi Boye-Doe. This young phenom is the creative director of his namesake, Boyedoe. The name rings out like an ancient chant from the lips of those in the know.

Boyedoe is a Ghanaian luxury brand - an amalgamation of African heritage and ethical elegance.

Boye-Doe’s talent and vision is unwavering. This former wardrobe stylist embraced the possibilities and took control of his destiny with both hands.

He graduated from Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design with honours as the Most Outstanding and Most Creative pupil. Clearly, the designer’s eye for fashion is focused on the future, while peering through a sankofa lens. 

Instead conceptualizing the female form as a hindrance, Boye-Doe embraces it. His designs enhance the bawdy without restriction.

Boye-Doe’s client’s are ever-present on his frontal cortex, as he creates for real people. He states, “there is no virtue whatsoever in creating clothing or accessories that are not practical.”

ADJOAA is fortunate to host Boyedoe on our marketplace. Now the world may witness and benefit from his genius.


David built his namesake from the ground up.

“As a brand deeply rooted in deconstruction and reconstruction, we create our clothes around the themes of Sun-sum (spirit), silhouettes, sustainability, and sophistication - all wrapped up in the simple notion of timelessness.”

The latest collection, ‘DeÉnim’ is bathed in a cornucopia of blue, and constructed from up-cycled denim.  The moniker  means ‘ever forward’ in his Akan language. You see what he did there? ‘DeÉnim’ - denim.

Like all rebels, this collection is optimistic - for they know there is always a better way. ‘DeÉnim’ is a fashionable weaving of innovation and sustainability.

It reigns supreme in an industry where 1,800 gallons are required to make 1 pair of jeans. There is nothing little about Boye-Doe’s blue collection.


Boye-Doe is intentional in his disruption of the status quo. Utilizing scissors, sewing machines, foresight, and ingenuity, while minimizing fashion’s carbon footprint. 

His collections are dynamite. Brain synapses fire from the astounding display of hues, silhouettes, textures and possibility. 

Fortunately for us, Boye-Doe is uncompromising in his stance on the environment, the vital contributions of Africa, and his faith in the impossible.  

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