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Celebrate Black Pound Day with 8 Black-Owned Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges for small businesses owned by people of colour, as highlighted by the 2021 Small Business Credit Survey conducted by the Federal Reserve System. However, in the face of adversity, powerful initiatives like Black Pound Day have emerged, aiming to provide crucial support and promotion to Black-owned businesses.

Black Pound Day is a transformative event that uplifts and strengthens the Black community economically, while also serving as a platform to celebrate Black excellence and foster economic equality. This day focuses on supporting Black-owned businesses and addresses historical economic disparities, promoting financial empowerment.

Elevate Change: Shop 80+ Sustainable Black-Owned Brands and Emerging African Fashion from Africa fashion Designers Today!



Discover the world of MANELL, a sustainable fashion label intentionally designed for adventurous minds without limits. Inspired by willingness, art, nature, and the vibrant colours of our immediate environment, MANELL creates sustainable, futuristic, and timeless pieces.

MANELL - Black Pound Day.

Their colourful and toned aesthetic signifies the modern lady or gentleman who thinks outside the box in their style's language. As a socially responsible brand, MANELL also gives back to its community through initiatives that cater to the greater good of the public.

MANELL - Black Pound Day.

Shop here. 
Instagram: @manell_co

Tribe of Elzar

Embrace the ethical production processes and innovation of Tribe of Elzar. With a strong commitment to minimal waste, fair wages, and sustainable work conditions, this brand sets the bar high for ethical and sustainable women's fashion.

Tribe of Elzar Black Pound Day.

Each collection features distinct cuts, strong silhouettes, intricate hand detailing, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Tribe of Elzar Black Pound Day.

Shop here. 
Instagram: @tribeofelzar

Romy Calzado

Step into the world of Romy Calzado, an eponymous brand by Cuban designer Romy Calzado. Inspired by her Caribbean roots fused with the charm of Western aesthetics, Romy's designs embody sustainability and quality.


Each piece tells a unique story, capturing the essence of two worlds in a harmonious blend.

Shop here. 
Instagram: @romycalzado


Experience the fusion of traditional West African textiles with modern design sensibilities through the emerging African brand, Maison Oloro. Celebrating both cultures, their collections feature high-quality garments, including dresses, skirts, blouses, and accessories.

Maison Oloro is an emerging African brand

Handmade by skilled artisans using sustainable materials, each piece showcases the traditional artistry of West African textiles. Welcome to the world of Maison Oloro, where African elegance meets French couture.

Shop here. 
Instagram: @maisonoloro


Indulge in the outstanding and practical creations of Chema Chetu, an ethically sourced Kenyan leather goods brand. Founded by Kenyan designer Evelyne Wanjiku, this brand showcases Kenya's craftsmanship to the world while creating opportunities for and changing lives in local communities.


Beyond their remarkable products, Chema Chetu also donates books to schools in rural communities in Kenya.

Shop here. 
Instagram: @chemachetu


Immerse yourself in the world of Suki Suki Naturals, an eco-friendly skincare and wellness brand on a mission to create natural products that nurture, soothe, and heal skin and hair with harm-free ingredients sourced from Mother Nature's pantry.

Suki Suki, an eco-friendly skincare

Their uniquely formulated and handcrafted recipes celebrate Africa's rich and diverse plant life with specialities like Prickly Pear, and under-utilised natural remedies like Papaya and Mango, while ensuring that you stay free from harmful and artificial chemicals.

Suki Suki, an eco-friendly

Shop here. 


Discover Atto Tetteh, a Ghanaian luxury menswear brand that aims to tell the untold story of Africa. Their designs make bold statements with solid colours, reflecting African cultural heritage.

Atto Tetteh is a Ghanaian luxury menswear brand

Atto Tetteh provides people with quality and trendy pieces sourced sustainably and made with carefully selected fabrics. Each garment is constructed to make everyone stand out and exude timeless class.

Atto Tetteh is a Ghanaian luxury menswear brand

Shop here. 
​​Instagram: @attotetteh


Explore the contemporary womenswear of Abiola Olusola, a Nigeria-based sustainable brand that embraces traditional Yoruba fabrics. Founded in 2017 by Abiola Olusola, the label's eponymous designer, their designs are crafted with care in Lagos by local craftsmen. 

With a "less is more" approach to design and production, sustainability and waste management are strong and ongoing commitments for the brand.

Nigeria-based sustainable brand Abiola Olusola

Expect elegant, effortless pieces with clean lines, modern silhouettes, and playful prints that seamlessly blend African heritage with timeless elegance.

Shop here. 
Instagram: @abiolaolusola  

These remarkable black-owned businesses exemplify exceptional talent and embody the values of sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical fashion.

ADJOAA takes pride in supporting and highlighting these visionary brands as part of the Black Pound Day celebration. Join us in exploring their creative journeys and contributing to the fostering of economic equality.

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