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Eyiwaa Agyekumhene is the brain and brawn behind the fashion brand KAYADUA, based in Ghana. 

The designer cum fashion model completed her studies at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Ghana in 2017, specialising in fibre and fabrics while studying Integrated Rural Arts and Industries. 

Discover the unique aesthetic of KAYADUA, a Ghanaian fashion brand that combines traditional techniques with contemporary designs.

Eyiwaa grew up with her grandmothers, who inspired her because of their way of life and innate aptitude for creating unusual clothing with their hands. She states, her interest piqued because they could make these things rather than being taught them. When she was a child, they also practised buying distinctive clothing.


KAYADUA launched in 2018 as an accessory brand and unveiled its first apparel collection in 2021. The company celebrates the legacy of Ghana's elders while encouraging the next generation to express themselves creatively.

Experience the beauty and cultural richness of Ghana through KAYADUA's stunning clothing collections.

10% of the proceeds from sales of the HOME collection (a fantastic collection recently launched) are donated to SEWING (Sankofa Empowering Women in Ghana), a women's organisation connected to PeaceJam, to mentor and educate young girls.


The brand seeks to promote uniqueness, an underlying aesthetic that guides its creations. It also aims to inspire confidence and freedom of self-expression by sharing cultures and traditions through their products, hoping to spread the culture as far as possible.

The KAYADUA pieces are typically crafted by hand and might take a few days to weeks to produce, following a slow fashion approach.

With the help of the team in Ghana, KAYADUA investigates the connection between oneself and strength via ancient methods like weaving and beading that have been modernised for the  current era.


"I aim to use the skills that I have and my experiences in life to create a better life for people in my community and beyond while also encouraging freedom of self-expression through pieces that we make,"

Eyiwaa says in an interview with a creative company in New York and Los Angeles.

She designs and makes pieces that can stand the test of time, pieces that become a storyteller from one generation to the next—a designer who designs with a purpose.

Shop for one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase the craftsmanship and creativity of Ghanaian artisans. Join us in supporting sustainable fashion and local communities.

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