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Kkerele: mindful craft - mindful living


Mindfulness is the practice of living in the present. Every thought, every feeling, every sensation is experienced without judgment. While this is easier said than done, Kkerele seems to have mastered the craft. 

Kkerele: mindful craft - mindful living

This Nigerian footwear brand’s cornerstone is mindful craft - mindful living. 


Kkerele: mindful craft - mindful living

Prepare to have your senses disrupted. Kkerele turns the art of shoemaking on its head. It is simultaneously bold yet understated. Kkerele grabs your attention with its:

  • Vibrant colors,
  • Striking silhouettes,
  • High quality leather.

All of which are sourced locally. The designers at Kkerele are intrigued by how, ‘mindful craft informs mindful living’.

Kkerele: mindful craft

The world is moving away from gendered stereotypes, definitions and lexicons. Kkerele has moved with it. Each work of art gives room for the wearer to play, explore, and manifest with authenticity. Walk a mile in these shoes and it becomes evident that Kkerele is here to stay. They are proof that African fashion styles are leading the way, despite the hurdles and challenges.

Kkerele: mindful craft


Kkerele unfurled in 2018. Despite the global recession from COVID-19, within four years Kkerele captured the attention of fashion houses and the creative sector. Those that know - know. 


It has become commonplace for fashion  brands to  boast about minimizing their environmental footprint. Though in reality, their actions towards reducing damage are narrow at best. Kkerele knows that the detrimental effects of fashion waste are wide. They are committed to defending the planet against extractive practices. 

Kkerele operates on the principle of slow fashion. Each pair is made to order. When purchasing from ADJOAA, allow three weeks for delivery. Sustainability is not just lip service - it’s life.

Kkerele: mindful craft - mindful living


KKerele’s collaborations are strong as leather. They have worked with home + fashion brand Pith and pan-African storyteller Tobi Onabolu. With such synergy, they are bound to have more.

Fashion is the conduit - people are the heart and sole. ADJOAA is proud to partner with Kkerele on our online fashion marketplace. As a trusted steward, we hope to help them grow tall and wide, like the trees they are bound to protect. 

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