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Madagascar's Vibrant Influence on Luxury Fashion Innovator Eric Raisina

Eric Raisina has captivated the world of haute couture with his unique creations that blend African cultural influences and innovative design techniques. He showcased his first collection in Madagascar in 1993, winning the prestigious 'Young Designer of the Year' award and securing a scholarship to study Fashion and Textile Design in Paris.

Madagascar's Vibrant Influence on Luxury Fashion Innovator Eric Raisina

At Ecole Des Arts Appliqués Duperré Paris, his talent flourished under the guidance of renowned instructors. Since then, Raisina has created innovative new textiles, such as silk fur, and created a lasting legacy for African fashion designers.

He now calls Siem Reap his home, where his work resides in two locations; at the Eric Raisina Couture House on Charles de Gaulle Avenue and at the FCC Angkor hotel.

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Madagascar continues to influence his work, as he draws inspiration from the colours and textures of the country. 

Siem Reap: A Magical Spirit

His connection with Siem Reap began in 1996 when he first visited the region, and the allure of the city drew him back in 2001.

Siem Reap, Cambodia 2023

During this period, Raisina worked on a silk farm until 2004, immersing himself in the local silk industry and gaining a deep appreciation for Cambodian silk and his eventual development of ‘Silk Fur’. Recognizing the untapped potential, Raisina dedicated a year to training his own team, fostering their skills and expertise.

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In 2005, Raisina's vision became a reality when he opened his Villa Boutique Workshop in Siem Reap. Here, he blended his love for design, Cambodian silk, and innovative techniques to create captivating pieces that reflect the unique spirit of the region.

Raisina remarks, "I spend around eight months of the year here [Siem Reap]... I'm much more inspired here than other places and I love working with my team. Siem Reap has added a magical spirit to my life and work."

The Influence of Madagascar and Cambodia:

Raisina's design aesthetic is deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage of his native country, Madagascar. Growing up amidst the flamboyant colours of the Indian Ocean and the lush tropical landscapes, Raisina's artistic sensibilities were shaped by the vibrant beauty that surrounded him.

He recalls, "I grew up with the flamboyant and vivid colours of the Indian Ocean and the luxuriant tropical landscapes of Madagascar. Colours are very important — they make me happy and transport me to different places in the world. I love bright colours when they are almost as real as flowers."

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Madagascar's unique blend of influences, bridging Africa, Asia, and French elements, has a profound impact on Raisina's work. The convergence of these diverse cultures fuels his creativity and drives him to infuse his designs with a distinct multicultural flair. Raisina's loyalty to his main inspiration, Madagascar, remains unwavering, and he continually draws from the country's rich heritage to create captivating pieces.

Madagascar,country's rich heritage to create captivating pieces.

Cambodia, now Raisina's home, also plays a significant role in shaping his design philosophy. The country's emerging fashion scene and its own evolving identity provide a fertile ground for Raisina's creativity.

He believes in harnessing the local talent and fostering an authentic Cambodian fashion identity.

Raisina remarks, "Cambodia is growing and starting to find its own identity... The first Cambodia Fashion Week was a result of both local and expat determination to take the fashion scene to another level."

Raisina supports and recognizes the contributions of young designers such as Sar Chantho and Don Protasio, who are making their mark on the Cambodian fashion landscape.

Exploring Innovative Materials: Cambodian Silk and Raffia :

Raisina's exploration of innovative materials is an integral part of his design process. Cambodian silk, often considered traditional, captured Raisina's attention as an opportunity to challenge conventions and introduce new possibilities.

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Recognizing the silk's unique qualities, he embarked on a mission to soften Cambodian silk, a feat that was unheard of at the time. Raisina's determination and skill allowed him to transform the silk, infusing it with a delicate softness and enhancing its versatility.

Reflecting on this achievement, Raisina states, "I've found it satisfying to work with Cambodian silk... It was a privilege for me to be able to give softness to Cambodian silk eight years ago, especially considering its long history — they never thought to make silk soft here."

In addition to Cambodian silk, Raisina found inspiration in raffia, a traditional Malagasy national fibre. His encounter with raffia took an extraordinary turn when he was commissioned to create a haute couture bustier for Christian Lacroix's summer collection in 1997.

This experience ignited Raisina's passion for working with raffia, and since then, he has continued to push boundaries, creating exquisite evening dresses, skirts, and unique made-to-order pieces.

Raisina's love for raffia stems from his desire to elevate it from its traditional usage in basic products, transforming it into a material that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Catering to Cosmopolitan Women:

Raisina's designs are crafted with cosmopolitan women in mind. His creations appeal to individuals who seek distinguished pieces that reflect their personality and embrace their unique style.

"I'm designing for cosmopolitan women who want distinguished pieces. I like the diversity of women, especially when they are confident with their personality and when they wear my designs."

Raisine's designs often incorporate sustainable materials and practices, showcasing his commitment to environmental responsibility in the luxury fashion sector.

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Eric Raisina's journey from Madagascar to Siem Reap epitomises his unwavering passion for unique fashion and his relentless pursuit of innovation. His ability to fuse diverse cultural influences and his dedication to exploring innovative materials like Cambodian silk and raffia have made him a revered figure in the fashion industry.

As Cambodia's fashion scene continues to evolve, Raisina's influence and support for local talent contribute to its growth and development. Eric Raisina's remarkable journey and ongoing contributions to the world of fashion serve as an inspiration for aspiring designers and cultural enthusiasts alike.

His latest capsule collection, “Eric Raisina Haute Texture: LOST IN PARIS “ featured at Phnom Penh Designers Week (PPDW) 2023. 

Explore Eric Raisina’s instagram here.

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