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Reap What You Sew: The Future of African Clothes in Fashion

The Ghanaian brand, MetaKay by Kwaku Awiti Kyere rests on four pillars: innovation, humility, uprightness, equitable teamwork, and quality.

Each thread is intentionally stitched together to wield confidence in the wearer. With MetaKay as armour, she is able to resist patriarchy, repel body politics, and brush off the wage gap.

If you’ve never heard of Canadian lattice smocking, hit up YouTube university. Once there, you’ll realise the mathematical accuracy, painstaking patience, and talent required to morph a piece of fabric into a wearable masterpiece.

Each garment is measured, mapped out, and stitched by hand - inch by inch. While MetaKay may serve as armour against external threats, the silks, satins, and chiffon used in the construction resonate powder soft against the skin.

The founder and creative director of MetaKay began as a fashion illustrator. In 2019 he turned his 1-dimensional paper designs into 3-dimensional art.

The name is derived from the first syllable in metamorphosis and the first letter of the founder’s first name, Kwaku. MetaKay is quilted together with passion, prayer, and determination.

If it’s true that you reap what you sew, MetaKay has got it in the bag.

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