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Step into the Future of Fashion: Discover the Must-See black designers brands at NYFW

Black designers brands at NYFW 

The New York Fashion Week of 2022 observed a decent inclusion of Black and African designers fashion brands and 21 Black designers brands participated in NYFW 2022. Out of 21 designers brands 11 were womenswear brands, 3 were unisex, and 7 were menswear.

More than 25% of the participants of NYFW were brands owned by Black and African participants. Some of the best Black designers brands of NYFW 2022 are discussed below:

No Sesso || Instagram- @nosesso

No Sesso is a famous brand owned by black founders named Autumn Randolph and Pierre Davis. It is among the brands who participated in New York Fashion Week of 2022. 

No Sesso

The picture showcased above is a look from their collection which showcases a white t-shirt with a black denim jacket and denim trousers chequered in light blue and green shades with creative crafting towards the bottom of the trousers. The brand collaborated with Levi’s for their denim collection and the outfit is something new and dynamic with a reimagined design.

KHIRY || Instagram- @khiryofficial

The luxury jewelry label KHIRY makes Afrofuturist statement pieces in bold, chunky and shapely silhouettes. Inspired by the African diaspora, the brand’s earrings, bracelets and necklaces are designed with respect to black designers fashion cultures, and with a modern, decadent twist.


 For the Fall 2022/23 collection, KHIRY titled it as “Fights Reveal Futilities” which explores the tension between the various options of escapism in the struggle for Black Liberation.

The look displayed above includes a simple pink denim jacket and denim trousers which are embroidered with jewelry beads at the elbow and the knees to add some flare to the outfit.

KHIRY states that their presentation is “an examination of the history of political violence, and questions the separation between that history and the vulnerable peace that we strive to maintain today”. 

Advisry || Instagram- @advisry

The founder of Advisory is Keith Herron who for the first time participated in NYFW 2022.

For their Spring/Summer 2023 collection, titled “MASCULIN FEMININ” the brand decided to defy gender-based clothing and instead created looks by mixing dressing styles from both genders which they think makes the outfits more harmonious and dynamic.

And this can be seen in the look above where the model wears a coral green t-shirt paired with a light brown skirt with a brown pyjama underneath.


Telfar || Instagram- @telfarglobal

Another Black African owned brand which participated in the New York Fashion Week 2022 is Telfar. It is a unisex fashion brand which is founded by Telfar Clemens. During the event, it showcased its bags, silhouettes, and other ready to wear attires.

For their Fall/Winter 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week, titled “PERFORMANCE” comprised of athletics-inspired luxury wear and denim.

So, their outfits included performance-based options such as jerseys, tracksuits and satin pants paired with the elegance of luxury wear giving it a whole new dynamic.

Eugene Taylor || Instagram- @eugenetaylorbrand

Eugene Taylor is another Black Design Background which showcased its collection of Diana Ross tribute in the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2022. It is also a unisex brand and the founder of this brand is Letesha Renee.

It's a gender less collection of attires providing great options for both masculine and feminine audiences. 

Victor Glemaud || Instagram- @glemaud

Victor Glemaund is the founder of “Victor Glemaund” the brand. It showcased its collection of beautifully designed dresses through inspiration from a famous movie named “Black Girl” which was directed by Ousmane Sembene.

Its long sleeve fitted shirts and maxis caught the attention of the fashion lovers. The dresses provided a range of different color palettes which were very elegant and aesthetically pleasing

Oak & Acorn || Instagram- @oakandacornofficial

This is one of the first sustainable denim brands from Harlem. Their clothing which includes denim overalls, harlem pants, quilted bomber jackets, vests, branded hoodies are made up of natural artisan fabrics, recycled textiles and deadstock materials, the brand tries to pay tribute to enslaved Africans who contributed to the manufacturing of denim in the United States.

 At New York Fashion Week 2021, Oak & Acorn titled their collection “The Rebelles” which was a season-less collection and paid homage to denim as a cultural, social and political icon of American history.

Their collection included outfits in vibrant colors and was made out of handwoven and hand-dyed indigo from West Africa, deadstock denim, hemp and recycled fibers which makes it a very sustainable option.

Who decides war || Instagram- @whodecideswar

An amazing collection of brand’s signature suiting and other items was presented by Ev Bravado and Tela D’Amore who is the founder of “Who Decides War” brand. Its reimagined classical attires were like a lot by the audience. 

Megan Renee || Instagram- @__meganrenee___

Megan Renee is the owner of a brand named “Megan Renee”. The brand presented its collection which is known as Higher Ground. It has a new experience of participating in the NYFW as the Black participant. The designer came up with her enlarged camouflage and other self designed patterns.

Megan Renee featured their collection titled “Higher Grounds” at New York Fashion Week 2022. The outfit showcased above is a white bodysuit which depicts simplicity and can be paired with more vibrant colored choices.

Laquan Smith || Instagram- @laquan_smith

This brand which is owned by a black designer fashion is famous for its bold and sexy attires and bikinis. In the 2022 NYFW, the brand came with its collection of lingerie and other bold dresses. It is owned by Laquan Smith. It was its debut appearance in NYFW and it enhanced the fashion taste of the event.

Laquan Smith featured his Fall collection at a location which matched the vibe of the looks from the collection and involved various famous celebrities who modelled the looks. The outfits were mainly black themed with silver/gold jewellry which provided for a suave going-out attire.  

House of Aama || Instagram- @houseofaama

This Los Angeles-based brand is dedicated to sartorial storytelling. Inspired by the Black experience, the brand utilizes a very nostalgic approach to design. Their clothing is infused with neutral, muted tones and an aesthetic reminiscent of the ’70s. Some of the label’s signature garments include effortlessly styled wrap skirts, military pants, halter tops and silk blouses.

At New York Fashion Week Fall 2022 show, the brand introduced Camp Aama which was a fictional resort community which celebrated Black heritage and folklore. The outfit showcased above is an all white bodysuit with flower prints which is a tribute to Black heritage and perfect for wearing on a holiday at a resort.

Dur Doux || Instagram- @durdoux

Behind Dur Doux is mother and daughter duo Cynthia and Najla Burt. The pride themselves on their ability to create luxury pieces that are actually affordable. They draw inspiration from different cultures around the globe.

They state that they design fun, voluminous dresses made from candy-colored tulle. The creative director of the brand also ensures that each design incorporates an element of avant-garde while still retaining its wearability.

For their Spring/Summer 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week, titled “Terre Et Eau” which depicts the mystical line where land and sea meets and creates a boundary between the two realms.

The outfits feature several colors which are visible across land and sea as well as prints of buildings and plants which make the outfits expansive and create more fun and excitement. 

Fe Noel || Instagram- @fenoel

The designer of Fe Noel is Felisha Noel. The brand was nominated for and a finalist at Vogue Fashion Fund 2022.

At New York Fashion Week 2022, Fe Noel’s collection addresses Retirement Inequality. Fe Noel says that they only participate at New York Fashion Week when they have an important message to share. The use of vibrant and shiny colors for the outfit helps the brand in standing out with the important message they intend to convey to the public.

Todd Patrick || Instagram-

This is a menswear brand owned by Gabriella Paulino and Desyree Nicole. The brand is located in Atlanta and appeared in NYFW 2022.

Todd Patrick’s collection at New York Fashion Week 2022 was titled “Sunday Blues” as it was supposed to show what people would wear on Sunday nights if they shopped from the brand.

Hence, most of the outfits are casual wear such as hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts and party shirts in different colors.

The brand gains motivation from classic styles and tries to implement that into modern day fashion which is very sought after in today’s generation.

AnOnlyChild || Instagram- @anonlychild

AnOnlyChild has seen its debut in NYFW 2022. The designer of this brand is Maxwell Osborne.

At the Spring/Summer show for New York Fashion Week 2022, the brand’s founder Maxwell Osborne induces his West Indian heritage into the collection.

They make use of a variety of textiles such as silk, velour, leather and deadstock fabrics signifying that there is an emphasis on textiles when it comes to their collection while also reimagining various fashion styles. 

Sergio Hudson || Instagram- @sergiohudson

Sergia Hudson is a womenswear brand owned by Black African names Sergio. It featured a variety of sexy attires for girls.

Sergio Hudson titled their New York Fashion Week collection as “Collection 10”. The collection is more sensual and fun from previous collections and opts to go for bold solid colors rather than applying prints. The looks showcased above are very elegant and high-profile giving main character vibes.

Studio 189 || Instagram- @studiooneeightynine

Studio 189 is a sustainable label which supports African artists, celebrates African heritage and fosters community.

hey have taken part in various fashion events and in NYFW 2022 it made its way through collection of uniquely designed fashion wears.

At New York Fashion Week 2022, their presentation collided with the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and they paid homage to it.

Their collection was titled “Inheritance” due to its resemblances from the Spring and Fall 2021 collections. They offered a vibrant color palette and also ventured into new categories of clothing such as a maxi skirt and swim wear as well.

Connor McKnight || Instagram- @connormcknight

The designer of Connor McKnight is McKnight who led the debut of brand in NYFW 2022.

In Connor McKnight’s collection for New York Fashion Week 2022, most of the looks had a utilitarian, workwear feel to them. The collection is genderless and provides a hint of luxury. The outfits are in line with modern day fashion, yet they are timeless and could easily be worn in past years.

June 79 || Instagram- @june79nyc

June 79 is a menswear brand owned by Shawn Pean. It came up with it funky dresses in NYFW 2022.

The looks presented by June 79 at New York Fashion Week are perfect for parties and other kinds of celebrations.

There is a wide range of colors for people  to choose from, giving a sense of joy and enthusiasm.

Black Boy Knits || Instagram- @blackboyknits

Black Boy Knits was in the final round of Vogue Fashion Fund 2022. It features a variety of funky attires.

Black Boy Knits is a purely knitwear brand which has gained recognition for their outstanding work and is destined to be one of the most successful brands featuring at fashion weeks with their bold and colorful styles.

Sukeina || Instagram- @s.u.k.e.i.n.a

Sukeina is a womenswear brand who participated in NYFW 2022. The collection is designed by Omar Salaam.

Sukeina’s New York Fashion Week 2022 collection features sophisticated looks which are based on the specialities of the origami tailoring technique and exquisite knotting.

The looks are perfectly curated with monochromatic, multicolored outfits as well as outfits where the top perfectly contrasts the bottom.

Theophilio || Instagram- @theophilio

Theophilio is owned by a famous Jamaican-American designer named Edvin Thompson who emerged as best designer of the year 2021. It is a contemporary clothing brand based in Brooklyn, New York.

Thompson developed the label as an admission to the fact that the world often fails to comprehend for Black people from different diasporas.

Cultural identity is crucial to the brand as they try to infuse nostalgic Jamaican fashion with the progressive New York culture. 

In their Spring/Summer 2022 collection for New York Fashion Week, Theophilio pays homage to its Caribbean roots as well as Air Jamaica.

Through this presentation, Thompson creates clothing for comfort and sexiness and infuses a variety of colors and a mix of different styles to create statement looks.

He wanted to make the collection nostalgic by talking about his life experiences of living in Jamaica and some cities of America.

Chelsea Grays || Instagram- @_chelsea.g

Chelsea Grays describes herself as a political designer and communicates social issues with her garments. She is someone who strives for change within the sociopolitical atmosphere, and desires to creatively spread awareness through her designs. “Organized Chaos,” a previous collection from the designer, consisted of garments that were inspired by the homeless on San Francisco’s streets, as well as Basquiat’s artwork. Other past collections of the designer contained garments such as flared and paneled pants, turtlenecks and assorted knitwear.

For the Spring 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week titled “The Cookout”, Chelsea Grays explores the identity of Blackness through cookouts which are also considered as a symbol of togetherness.

This collection tries to bring hope by stating although there is a high degree of racial injustice, the future can still be positive and bring about unity. The look showcased above is all brown with ripped sleeves and trousers ripped on the sides possibly as a symbol of racial injustice.

Bed on Water || Instagram- @bedonwater

Bed on Water is fantastic effort of Shanel Campbell whose aesthetically designed women attires caught the attention of audience.

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