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Neo African Design by Aga Culture

ETHOS - Aga Culture is a premium lifestyle brand specialising in apparel, home goods, and accessories that fuse African aesthetics with contemporary design.

AFRICAN MINIMALISM - Their approach to design can be summed up as new African minimalism that celebrates the rawness of textures, form simplicity, and beauty that evokes emotions and a deeper connection to African culture - though simplistic in its execution.’ Aga Culture imbues uncomplicated designs, and a slower pace of being with modern African lifestyles.

STRAIGHT OUT OF IBADAN - Moyo Ogunseinde is the co-founder and creative director of Aga Culture. As a trained architect, real estate developer, and designer, she brings her unique perspective to each creation.

Moyo grew up in Ibadan, a historic and culturally rich capital city in South West Nigeria.

Ibadan has been of great influence to her design outlook and has made her keen on promoting African art and design. She says, “The environment was full of lively marketplaces, red sand, brown rooftops, vibrant celebrations and cultural energy.”

BRIGHTLY LIT SKY - As long as Aga Culture continues to produce gorgeously provocative wearable art and accoutrements for your abode, they will always have a home with ADJOAA. From where we stand, the future is as bright as the Ibadan sky.

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