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Olooh is a sartorial and lifestyle menswear brand from Côte d'Ivoire that was established in 2018 by Ivorian photographer and singer Kader Diaby. It is distinguished by its youthful energy, minimalist shapes, and impeccable workmanship. 

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The brand, which translates to "Ours" in English, uses wearable silhouettes to create stories about Ivorian people and trans Latina personal experiences.


With the assistance of the Klaym Organization and the University of the Arts in Zurich, Kader DIABY received photography training.

He had previously earned a degree in management control and audit in Rabat, Morocco, and was then employed as an auditor for a multinational company in Abidjan.


Diaby, who is renowned for his vivid visual and poetic imagery, also uses organic materials like linen, cotton, wood, and leather in his ready-to-wear line, which aspires to promote Ivorian tradition and modernity.

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The trained photographer and auditor, began creating his own clothing for photo shoots in 2017 utilising the sewing skills his seamstress mother had taught him.


According to the Abidjan-based designer, he created the sustainable Olooh Concept as beccause, we've realised that the 30-something generation in Abidjan is both traditional and sophisticated, therefore this collection is a celebration of them, according to Diaby.

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"They play sports, put in a lot of effort, and enjoy life by attending parties. We wanted to push this storyline this season."


He interprets untold stories about his country and communicates his own experiences, insights, and fascination with Abidjani culture using fashion as a the channel. The brand aims to explore identity through each of it's unique collection's, well-made, and classic pieces.

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A clear reference to heritage and a drive to look for cleverer methods to engage with and create within our communities are at the core of OLOOH.

“Olooh tells my own story,” Diaby told Nataal media in an interview. 

It is the passion of his city, which he persistently explores in an effort to address the contemporary concerns that affect all people: better exchanges, better representation, better products, better education, and better values. The Olooh community develops around his inquiries. “These struggles are ours,” he adds.

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