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ADJOAA Maker: Spotlight on Cute-Saint

The words saint and cute typically don’t go hand-in-hand. One imagines Mother Teresa and thoughts of a selfless woman draped in swaths of nondescript clothing come to mind. No shade to Mother Teresa. Cute-Saint is a better descriptor of, say Rosa Parks.

The stylish seamstress turned civil rights activist who refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus in the American South.

Cute-Saint was born from the eclectic consciousness of Muftau Femi Ajose. His first collection debuted in 2019 and has withstood COVID-19 - a true testament.

Cute saint

It may be Nigerian born and bred, but its tentacles stretch beyond fictitious borders. Patrons of the hue-filled, sustainable brand are far and wide.

Luxury is in the details. From cowrie shell closures to pain-stakingling selected textiles, Cute-Saint bridges the gap between affordability and unattainable luxury. You’ll pay more for a suffocating lace-front than you will for a breathable collector’s piece that will last a lifetime.

Organic, sustainable, versatile garments with a conscience. Look good and feel amazing knowing that the clothes on your back were responsibly made. There are no children, hungry mothers or fathers denied bathroom breaks involved in the production.

Ajose is attuned to the needs of his producers. His pre-order model is more than an economic flex. It’s a deliberate intention to produce less waste. In an industry where 1,800 gallons of water are required to produce 1 pair of jeans, Muftau Ajose is a freaking genius! Fuel costs and emissions are limited due to home-grown textiles.

Sink your teeth into the Now & Later colors. Immerse yourself in the hand-dyed batiks. Bathe in the organic cottons. These are fabrics that tease the senses. While the rest of the world doles out mass-produced, synthetic fast fashion from an assembly line, Cute-Saint is made to order for her, him, and those that don’t identify as either.

Effin Trench
Eruku Tote Bag
Bubble Set

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