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Discover the 10 Best Sustainable Ethiopian Fashion Brands to support on Ethiopia’s Patriots’ Victory Day.

Known for its premium coffee and , national parks, Ethiopia is a country steeped in rich history, and cultural traditions. The vibrant fashion scene is no exception.

Fashion designers from this landlocked country, split by the Great Rift Valley in the horn of Africa, have been charting their own path in the global fashion industry over the past two decades with hallmarks of designs. 

From traditional clothing to modern styles, the designers are fusing different elements to create their signature looks. Each brand expresses their individuality, yet there remains a signature Ethiopian cultural element.

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We spotlight ten established and emerging contemporary fashion brands in  commemoration of Ethiopia’s Patriots’ Victory Day. 

 Photographer: Yobas Tadesse

Mafi Mafi 

Mafi Mafi is a cutting-edge sustainable fashion brand committed to combining the opulence of old Ethiopian tradition with ready-to-wear clothing. Beyond being a fashion brand, Mafi Mafi is well-known for providing livable wages, apprenticeships, and opportunities for personal growth to young artisan weavers, designers, pattern makers, seamstresses, and factory workers.

Founded in 2011 by creative director, Mahlet Afework, this brand prioritizes sustainable practices to make its garments. Afework learned to become a designer after finding a gap in the Ethiopian creative space whilst she was still working in the music industry.

She has won the Creative Futures award in 2017 and Origin Africa’s Design Award in 2012. She has also been featured by Forbes Africa and publications such as CNN. 

Photographer: Dott 

Zaaf Collection 

Founded by Ethiopian designer Abai Schulze, Zaaf Collection is an Ethiopian fashion brand based in Maryland, USA. The brand describes its vision “to focus on the continent’s strengths and amazing cultural richness by designing beautiful products to the highest standards of quality”.

Zaaf collaborates with local artisans in Ethiopia who are experts in a variety of traditions of workmanship, fusing together antiquated techniques, rare indigenous materials, cutting-edge designs, and high standards of quality that transcend seasons. 

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The brand specializes in luxury leather accessories, including bags, shoes, and wallets. The designs are inspired by Ethiopian culture and traditions with a modern twist. Zaaf Collection has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Elle, CNN, and Forbes. Zaaf was founded by Ethiopian designer Abai  Schulze.  

Photographer: Aman Asrat

Genet Collection 

Creative director and founder of Genet Collection, Genet Kebede is an established designer with 30 years experience.

After studying fashion design in Italy and Argentina, Kebede returned to her home country to establish her brand Paradise Fashion in 1992 now called Genet Collection. She is recognized as a pioneer of Ethiopian fashion. Genet’s designs are crips, deeply rooted in Ethiopian culture with a modern touch. 

Courtesy of Kunjina


Kunjina Tesfaye attended Addis Ababa University to study Construction Management but only as a ‘Plan B’.

Her real passion was fashion. Her real passion was fashion. Tesfaye left in her final year of studying construction economics to attend the African Mosaique Fashion Incubator. She launched her first collection shortly after and became a full time fashion designer, establishing Kunjina in 2017.

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Kunjina’s pieces are distinct, featuring modern silhouettes and styles. Tesfaye has been featured by Okayafrica and Getzmagazine.


Courtesy of the Sabahar


For towels, linens, cushions, throws and shawls Sabahar is the brand to turn to. The brand specialises in making ethical handwoven pieces from natural fibre.

Sabahar was founded in 2004 by Kathy Marshall, who was born in Canada but has lived in Ethiopia for twenty years. Her goal to provide respectable and ethical employment possibilities for underrepresented groups of individuals. Her enthusiasm for conserving and honouring Ethiopia's rich weaving history laid the groundwork for the business.

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The brand adheres to its sustainable goals in sustainability and its fair trade policy, ensuring all artisans are paid a living wage.

Photographer: Ammi

Kabana Design

Founded in 2017 by creative director, Semhal Guesh, this brand is on a mission to not just make quality designs but be a source of empowerment to women.

Guesh was awarded as young female entrepreneur of the year by UNDP and GEW in 2018 for her contribution to helping local women become economically independent.

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The brand makes leather goods such as bags and belts that are high quality and durable. It prioritises customer satisfaction through sustainable practices.

 Photographer: Balayew Weirdave 

Yefikir Designs

Yefikir Designs was founded in 2009 by Fikirte Addis, a psychologist turned designer. The company uses hand-woven fabric made in Ethiopia for all of its designs.

Fikirte has always been a designer at heart, she started designing and experimenting while she was still a high schooler. Now a designer and volunteer psychologist, she continues to promote Ethiopian heritage through her contemporary designs. 

The designer was given the chance to take part in the 'WE ARE AFRICA FASHION SPECTACULAR' hosted by the South African Art and Culture Department on Saturday, 23 May 2015 . Yefikir's designs have been showcased at a number of fashion shows such as Lagos Fashion Week, Caribbean Fashion Week and many more.

Courtesy of Root in Style

Root in Style 

Root in style describes itself as a ‘culturally inspired unique designs with detailed craftwomenship’.

Root in Style makes ethical and environmental-friendly leather bags originally sourced from local tanneries and are a by-product of the food industry. The brand ethos is longevity and sustainability. It was established in 2015 by Tigist Seife.

Seife obtained a Bachelor's degree in Business and Entrepreneurship from Clark Atlanta University and holds an MSc in Marketing and Marketing Management from Addis Ababa School of Commerce.In 2018, she was awarded Best African Brand by Bellaafricana.

Courtesy of Fozia Endrias 

Fozia Endrias

Fozia Endrias is an eponymous brand by Ethiopian designer Fozia Endrias founded in 2016. The brand makes ethical casual designs with a minimalist approach.

Fozia has a vision of creating high-end designs that can stand the test of time and compete internationally. To reduce waste, the brand uses only natural and environment-friendly fabrics.

It also reuses scraps from fabrics to make new clothing. Fozia Endrias has made a number of appearances on runways such as Afro Glam fashion in 2018 and Hub of Africa Fashion Week in 2019.

Courtesy of Meron Addis Ababa

Meron Addis Ababa 

Meron Addis Ababa is an eco-friendly brand that specialises in making hand-made leather bags of the highest quality. It was founded 12 years ago by Meron Seid whose passion to make use of locally sourced materials and provide employment to artisans led her to start the brand.

At the core of the brand is social impact. Meron’s staff is 80% women, providing employment opportunities to women and empowering them through leather craftsmanship classes to better equip them to be self-reliant.

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