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UK Black History Month - Black-owned luxury Lifestyle Brands to know

In 1987, Ghanaian activist Akyaaba Addai-Sebo was one of the founding forces that started UK Black History Month. It has now been celebrated every October for over thirty years. While October is nearing its end, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it year-round and support African-brands and Black-owned lifestyle businesses. It’s all about the cultural appreciation with these lifestyle brands. They help shine a light on African culture and support communities through fashion, accessories, homeware and more. 

1. Loza Maléombho

Loza Maléombho is both the namesake and designer of this African lifestyle brand known for producing innovative shoewear and recently their popular Kpele Belt too. Loza aims to make meaningful statements and meaningful change via fashion and uses her products to champion social commentary and empowerment. In the case of Loza Maléombho, that means not only creating a product that is innovative and daring but providing employment and training opportunities for young women from challenged backgrounds. It’s no wonder this brand has become a global sensation that draws admiration from around the world and from the likes of Solange Knowles and Vogue Italia. This lifestyle brand shows a vision of unity where different cultures and traditions can coexist. 


Founded by Ghanaian entrepreneur, Pearl Abram, JUWEEL is everything you would want in an African brand: Black-owned, sustainable, stylish and unique. JUWEEL’s popular accessories like the Lartaley Beaded Mini Bucket are made with the aim of uplifting others on both sides of the bag. JUWEEL does this by reinvesting in the community and supporting local artisans. Meanwhile, simply using a JUWEEL bag ensures you have a unique accessory that is uplifting, gorgeous and a bright symbol of self-expression. For JUWEEL, it’s not just about accessories, it’s about social and economic change. 

3. Suki Suki Naturals 

Embracing natural hair should be an option, not a privilege. In 2010, when Linda Gieskes-Mwamba wanted to grow out her treated hair into an afro, she found that there was no winning. The available products were either full of harsh chemicals or were incredibly expensive, which led to the formulation of Miraculous Oil for Hair, made to work with textured hair, not against it. From there, Suki Suki Naturals has expanded into a full-fledged selfcare brand that provides toning mists, cremes and other selfcare essentials. But no matter the product there is always the same goal: to make self-care ethical, sustainable and accessible. 


Macrame has taken the internet by storm. But it isn’t just another trend but a part of traditional Zimbabwean culture that needs to be kept alive. Luckily, there are brands like VANHU VAMWE, who are all about creating bags and supporting the Macrame community in Zimbabwe. Working alongside rural and peri-urban artisans means that each macrame design is made with respect for Zimbabwean traditions and way of life. Such as their bestselling Sethekele Crossbody Handbag, which was handwoven with care and with sustainability and culture in mind. What better way to support communities and keep cultural knowledge alive than to make space for Macrame and let storied hands do the talking as they weave not only excellent bags but a bridge between tradition and modernity. 

5. Kkerelé 

Step into a world: redefined. Kkerelé creates Lagos’ finest leather footwear, which is handcrafted using age-old techniques that have been handed down from one generation of artisans to the next. From Kkerelé’s sandals to their platforms, each shoe is designed to be comfortable and is inspired by nature itself. Even though this African accessory label is all about boldness and adventure, they are also about taking it slow and doing things in your own time. Their shoes like the Killa Mules are equally suited for being on your feet all day or lounging around. These high-quality shoes are made to go the distance using slow and sustainable practices that challenge fast fashion and challenge the world to make more ethical and sustainable choices. 

6.  WUD.U 

Akua Tiwaa Sarkodee-Addo, is a self-taught wood artist and designer from Ghana’s wonderful capital, Accra. Naturally, Sarkodee-Addo’s label, WUD.U is all about celebrating nature and its diversity through WUD.U’s sustainable handbags. These accessories are made with upcycled 

materials, such as discarded leather from European production houses and locally-sourced timber. WUD.U also proves that eco-products don’t have to be muted or neutral since their bags come in a bold range of colours like the bright sea blue of their Nana Ama Clutch Purse. All in all, this eco-friendly Ghanaian fashion brand dares to make a positive difference on behalf of the world and the culture. 

7. Kira Organics 

Some of the best skincare secrets come from traditional African beauty routines and formulas that have passed down through the generations. However, not everyone has the access to the community and culture that keeps these beauty secrets circulating and skin glowing. But, Kira Organics, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is here to bridge the gap. It all started with a gift of handcrafted African Black Soap and from there blossomed into a sustainable African skincare brand that provides Nourishing Body Butters, serums, lotions and more, all made with natural and sustainable ingredients. 

8. Aga Culture 

Another Nigerian lifestyle brand to support and celebrate is Aga Culture, founded by Moyo Ogunseinde. For Aga Culture, it’s all about cultivating a sense of place with their products, which are inspired by the cultural energy of Ibadan and the vibrancy of marketplaces and celebrations. Their Esoese Baggy Brown Trouser is made for comfort, travelling while honouring style and tradition. No matter where you are or where you’re going, AGA Culture is here to provide a piece of Africa that you can take with you or incorporate into your wardrobe. As the name suggests, it’s all about the culture and using contemporary objects, art, clothing and accessories to celebrate the past, present and future of African culture.   


JIAMINI is a family-run and Black-owned business. Their motto is: Made in Kenya by women for women and with every bag and piece of jewellery they make, they also live up to their goals and values. For instance, JIAMINI’s popular Vipingo Bucket Bag, which is a new take on sisal basket weaving which originated in the Kamba Tribe. Kenya is a diverse country and has 42 tribes, each with their own unique practices, traditions and craft methods. This Kenyan sustainable fashion brand embraces this cultural uniqueness and honours one of earliest practices in human history: making items by hand. JIAMINI provides the space and means for female artisans to bring their creations to life through timeless pieces. 

10. Rhita Sebti 

Rhita Sebti is known for reimagining Moroccan artistry and infusing traditional ideas and practices with twists of creativity and vision. Rhita Sebti takes traditional Moroccan concepts like the babouche shoe and mixes in elements of modernity to create footwear like the Rafia Beige Knitted Mule. This innovative approach to footwear applies to all of Rhita Sebti’s shoeline, from slippers to sandals. Embracing Moroccan heritage and modernity is also apparent in their jewellery line, which celebrates Berber culture via reclaimed ancestral jewellery. Overall, Rhita Sebti is all about embracing tradition and modernity, comfort and style, all without compromise. 

These ten brands all bring something unique and innovative to the lifestyle table and are shining examples of what UK Black History Month is all about: celebrating African culture. At ADJOAA, we are proud to be part of the mission to make a meaningful impact, a better impact that not only uplifts ourselves and future generations but honours our ancestors too. Think of this article not only as an introduction into the world of African fashion and UK Black History Month but as a way of celebrating the culture everyday when you purchase from one of these African fashion brands or the 100+ more African lifestyle brands at ADJOAA

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