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VIOLET AMOABENG - Developing People, One Jar At A Time

“We delight in the beauty  of the butterfly, but rarely admit in the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

Maya Angelou

Violet Awo Amoabeng is a woman of privilege with a business ethos that places those without at the forefront. This University of Northern Virginia graduate put her degrees in business admin, accounting, finance, and supply chain logistics to work.

Though not in a way that most would think. She decided to launch a skincare brand from Ghana. With just $45 in start-up capital, she gifted her products just to get people to try them. Violet bet on herself and won. 


Her father is recognized as one of the most successful business men in Ghana. Despite his financial resources, the UT Bank founder refused to add one penny to Violet’s venture. The lesson he gave proved to be more valuable than any currency: build from the ground up. Fail, learn, grow and perhaps fail again, until the formula is perfected. 

Skin Gourmet, the Ghana-based skincare brand

Five years later, it’s safe to say that Violet has skin in the game. Her ‘little’ venture grew from less than $0 to $200,000 in annual revenue.


In an industry worth $511 billion, creating edible products for the skin is revolutionary. This tradition is steeped within Violet’s Ghanaian culture. Shea butter is more than an excellent moisturiser. It’s also an effective remedy for gastro-intestinal issues. With zero preservatives, Skin Gourmet taps into the ancient heritage that rose out of necessity - given that refrigeration is not accessible to many.


Skin Gourmet has expanded beyond body butters. They now offer edible scrubs, cleansers, oils, masks, and teas. 


“I started with the love of making body butter without doing any research. The entrepreneurial journey has been crazy hard. It will crash you and it breaks you and stretches you but you enjoy it.

Skin Gourmet, the Ghana-based skincare brand

When you see an obstacle and it’s hard but every time you find a way over it and that is what makes it incredible. With every stage you overcome, you become a little bit greater.” 

The pupa has become the butterfly and ADJOAA is here to support her as she soars.

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