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Aga Culture

Step into the vibrant realm of Aga Culture, an African design and culture brand based in Lagos, Nigeria. Founded by Moyo Ogunseinde, whose profound connection to the lively marketplaces, vibrant celebrations, and cultural energy of Ibadan shaped her vision. Aga draws inspiration from the rich, diverse cultures of Africa, with a primary focus on Yorùbá Culture.

At Aga Culture, we are driven to tell African stories, both past and present, through the objects, art, and accessories we design and create. Our mission is to fuse age-old traditions with a modern aesthetic, capturing the essence of African heritage. With a commitment to preserving crafts and culture, each piece we design has a story and reflects the rawness of textures, simplicity of forms, and beauty that evokes emotions and a deeper connection to our heritage.

Embracing a new African minimalism, our collections exude a sense of ease, reflecting Africa's slower, more thoughtful, and modern way of life. As makers, we honour our traditions while interpreting them into contemporary objects.

Join us on ADJOAA to explore the world of Aga Culture, where African heritage meets modern design. Discover our curated selection of objects, art, and accessories that celebrate the richness of African culture while embracing a timeless aesthetic. It's time to immerse yourself in the captivating stories of Aga Culture and experience the essence of African design.

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