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Margaux Wong

Discover Margaux Wong: Artisanal Luxury Jewelry and Accessories

Meet Margaux Rusita, the visionary artist and designer behind Margaux Wong, an artisanal luxury jewelry and accessories brand that marries Amazonian low-waste values with precious East African materials. With experiences spanning 38 years and 3 continents, Margaux brings a rich and cultured point of view to her creations.

Originally from Georgetown, Guyana, Margaux's journey took her to London, where she split her time between courses at the London College of Fashion and working with designer Catherine Walker, a favorite of Lady Diana Spencer. It was in London that she met her Burundian husband, and for the past 12 years, they have built a life and business together in Burundi.

Maximizing every resource was instilled in Margaux from a young age, leading her to work with sustainable materials for almost two decades. Her love for art and its ability to bring transcendent experiences to daily self-ornamentation fuels her passion for creating wearable art.

At Margaux Wong, we believe in the power of creativity and nature working in harmony. We partner with local artisans in Burundi to craft unique and treasurable pieces using underutilized local materials, such as cow horn. Our sustainable approach and respect for natural resources form the core of our brand.

As we continue our journey, we are expanding our collection to include a wider range of precious metals, precious stones, and contemporary designs, pushing the boundaries of what ethical and sustainable luxury can achieve.

Join us in celebrating the artistry of Margaux Wong and explore our distinctive jewelry and accessories that embody the essence of responsible luxury. Experience the beauty of Amazonian values and East African materials in wearable art at Margaux Wong on ADJOAA.







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