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Y Knott Gear

Welcome to Y Knott Gear, a brand that combines passion, creativity, and a commitment to making a positive impact. Founded by sisters Jane and Ren, Y Knott Gear is the embodiment of their shared values and aspirations.

Jane and Ren's journey began in 2015 when they discovered their common passion for helping vulnerable babies. This led them to pioneer a charity called Naomi's Joy. Over the years, they have grown not only in their philanthropic efforts but also in their business skills and quality management standards.

In 2019, the sisters decided to explore different funding options for their charity, which led to the birth of Y Knott Gear. With their natural creativity and a deep desire to make a difference, they turned their attention to designing and creating unique products that not only showcase their talents but also contribute to their mission of leaving the world a better place.

At Y Knott Gear, family values and a love for nature serve as the foundation for their designs. Each piece is infused with their passion, attention to detail, and pursuit of excellence. From stylish apparel to accessories, their collection reflects their commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and sustainability.

Jane and Ren's partnership is a testament to their beautiful relationship as sisters and business partners. They complement each other's strengths and weaknesses, facing the challenges of entrepreneurship together with courage and determination.

Explore the unique collection of Y Knott Gear and support their mission to make a positive impact. By choosing their brand, you not only discover exceptional designs but also contribute to their ongoing efforts to create a better world. Shop Y Knott Gear on ADJOAA and experience the harmony of passion, creativity, and purpose in each piece.







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