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“We, the designers, have the desire and the knowhow, and must pick up the baton and drive” ~ Margaux Rusita. 

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You might wonder, "Who is Rusita?" This incredible woman resides in Burundi in East Africa  with her lovely family. Before settling in Burundi, she left for London when she was 23 years old to spend her time attending lectures at the London College of Design and working as Catherine Walker's long-term assistant, a favourite of Lady Diana Spencer. She is a native of Georgetown, the nation's capital.


“The Margaux Wong is an experimentation of my lifelong experience on this earth. It showcases the beauty and opulence of something that is beautifully handmade," Rusita said.

"I love a timeless piece of jewellery, and it’s what I’m trying to share with the world. We basically showcase artistry, longevity, timelessness, and a new perspective on luxury."

 Margaux Rusita

Having spent most of her years living and working on the continent really morphed Margaux’s Afro-Caribbean descent and love of Africa and all its colours with her work and expression.

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She has been able to immerse herself in the culture, traditions, history and traditional jewellery making techniques, which she observed and has learned throughout the years.

 Margaux Rusita

“It is clear that preserving certain techniques is quite difficult especially in the world of fast fashion, which is why we hold on to them.

It is very important to us to maintain the integrity of culture for posterity, while engaging with contemporary ideas for design and expression.” She added


Margaux Wong is a Burundi-based sustainable jewellery brand founded by Margaux Rosita. Since 2001, the business has used ethically-sourced cow horns, brass, and other locally obtained sustainable materials to create distinctive accessory designs. 

These materials which would otherwise have been discarded are given a new lease on life and fashioned to ornate investment pieces worth having.  Amazing talent over here with this premium African jewellery brand!

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She says in an interview with Okay Africa that she loves a timeless piece of jewellery and that it's what she aims to share with the world. She adds that the brand basically showcases the artistry, longevity, timelessness and a new perspective on luxury.

The collection’s inspiration:

Rusita's Daisy capsule collection is an ode to one of nature's most resilient flowers. It features daisy-shaped and abstracted petal-based designs in the brand’s signature horn and brass combination.


After 20 years of an inspirational career in art and design, Margaux wants to expand the reach of her company's high-end wearable artwork.

At ADJOAA, we are massive fans of this luxury sustainable African brand and excited to share the artisanal craftsmanship and ingenuity with the world!

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