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The Best Christmas Guide for Buying Greener Gifts

There are so many gifts to buy and so many options. During these peak seasons, many people forget about being sustainable and eco-friendly. Often, it’s sustainable brands and Black-owned businesses who get lost in the influx of fast fashion products and hyperconsumption. 

Luckily, the team at ADJOAA has made it easier for you to find environmentally friendly and luxury products by African brands that can please friends and family over the holidays while doing good for independent businesses and the environment.  Our team has handpicked these eco-conscious items to suit every budget and every pocket.

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Gifts for the Eco-friendly Fashionista 

Just because it’s colder this season, doesn’t mean saying goodbye to patterns and bright colours. A thoughtfully designed coat could be what the fashionistas in your life need. Boyedoe is a Ghanaian fashion brand that makes runway-quality outfits accessible for all. They incorporate modern and traditional Ghanaian designs to create colourful denim pieces that are all about the three Bs: Boldness, Beauty and Bravery. Their conceptual clothes are made from discarded denim that’s been repurposed to create bestsellers like the Busumuru Tassel Detailed Jacket and the Kantinka Cropped Jacket with Trousers set. One of the best things about this brand is that their designs are unisex and crowd-pleasers for those who are into feminine or masculine fashion. 

OLOOH, based in the Ivory Coast, is another brand creating unisex fashion that is trendsetting, vibrant and ahead of the times. OLOOH is not just a brand but “a community formed around the universal struggles for better products, better education, better values, better exchanges, better communication, and better representation.” Their designs like the Atalaku Round Neck Body Wear is made from printed cotton and shows that monochrome designs don’t have to be boring. The Velvety Single Button Blazer is also a stellar piece. It’s made from linen and features bronze buttons and can be styled for casual or formal events. Like all of OLOOH’s products, the blazer and body wear are made from sustainable materials, using sustainable practices.

Gifts for the Trendsetting Traveller 

Bags, bags, and more bags. It’s one of the first items you think of when buying gifts for the jetsetting people in your life. PHAROS is a Senegalese brand that specialises in making practical leather products for practical lifestyles. The story of the PHAROS brand is one of journeys and being able to take a piece of African culture with you, no matter where you’re heading. Their Askya Laptop Bag is made from a durable blend of leather and the African fabric pagne baoulé. A laptop and its accessories can comfortably fit in the Askya bag, making it a perfect gift for those who are always on-the-go. Another PHAROS find is the Kalpé Djigèen Redesigned Wallet, which has six card slots, two bill slots and one photo slot. Secure slots and zips means no worrying about trying to rent a card when the debit card is on the airport floor a country away. Like the Askya Laptop Bag, this wallet is made from sustainably sourced materials and uses traditional Ivory Coast fabric. 

The 3 Ladies Pirates label is another luxury brand from Madagascar that makes underrated gifts. Each piece is designed and produced in Africa by a 100% female team of crafters. One of their most popular items is The Travel Jacket, this is a limited edition run of 55 jackets that come in beige and wine red. The durable but lightweight jacket is made to last and be comfortable during long trips. A useful and aesthetic accessory that complements the jacket is the Gisele Raffia Handbag. This two-handled bag is made to fit the essentials: laptop, makeup bag, water bottle, sportswear. It’s a multipurpose bag suited to someone who’s always switching up what they’re doing next. In addition, the raffia handbag is made from ethically sourced raffia palms, a tree native to many areas in Africa with a tropical climate, especially Madagascar, which is well-known for its flora and fauna. 

Gifts for Fans of Sustainable Skincare 

These friends, family members and lovers are all about caring for those around them, the planet and their own selves too. Despite their knowledge of serums and toners, there is always something new to learn about skincare. That’s where brands like Ghanaian-based Skin Gourmet come in. Their minimalist packaging helps focus on what’s really important: sustainable and natural ingredients. One of their staple products is African Black Soap, which also comes in peppermint. African black soap is well-known for its amazing skincare properties, like reduction of dark spots, blemishes and improving texture. This is due to the raw and natural ingredients like cocoa powder ash, raw shea butter and sustainably-sourced palm kernel oil. But if you want a skincare gift that’s unique and a newcomer in the mainstream selfcare scene, there’s also the Baobab Oil. It’s moisturising properties and is used for its regenerative properties that reduces the appearance of stretch marks and other blemishes. It’s suitable for the face, body and hair. 

Suki Suki Naturals is also bringing luxury Black skincare into the spotlight. They are a South African skincare brand that uses ethically-sourced and organic ingredients to create luxury skincare. One of their bestselling products is the Papaya Rose Hydrating Facial Mist, which exfoliates, hydrates and tones the skin via its rosewater, papaya extract and other natural ingredients. To complement this facial mist, Suki Suki also has the Rosehip Brightening Facial Oil. It’s used to even the skin tone and lock in vital moisture to ensure one is never caught at their ashiest even in the colder seasons.  

Gifts for the Holiday Host

Holidays wouldn’t be the same without those friends and family who sacrifice time, money and energy into creating the best food and opening their home to holiday havoc. These unsung heroes would need some well-deserved appreciation and thoughtful gifts. One of your first port of calls should be Aga Culture. This Nigerian lifestyle label creates products that are vibrant, colourful and have the environment and community in mind. Their Kind 3 Throw Pillow is luxuriously large, soft and made with sustainable Adire cotton. It’s even portable and easy to carry, so a piece of home can be taken wherever they go. Aga Culture also has matching Kind 3 Hand Puffer Throw Pillows, which can bring a look together, and if there’s one thing many holiday hosts love, it’s cohesiveness.  

Djiguiyaso Cooperative, a Mali home decor brand, is last but not least on this gift guide. It is a UNESCO recognised brand due to their commitment to the revival and continuation of Mali craft and artistry, particularly Bogolan, which uses indigo knotted dye techniques. Their Cushion Design indigo Tie & Dye Pillow, created from handwoven fabric and natural dyes, is an example of Malian tradition in action. Another product that showcases Mali’s weaving and dying techniques is the Indigo Table Runner. The holidays don’t have to be red and green. The calming indigo and cool hues that this product brings to the table can add some welcome change to typical holiday decor. 

Gifts for the Hot Steppers 

Put a pep in someone’s step with some luxury shoes that are handmade and made to last. Like the Trendsetting Travellers, the Hot Steppers are always on the go and need footwear that is both durable and stylish. One of the most popular brands on our platform is Kkerelé, a Nigerian luxury footwear brand that is committed to continuing traditional African leather production. One of their most versatile products are the June Shoes, which can be worn to work, school or while travelling. They also come in multiple colours like ivory, yellow, brown and olive, there’s a choice available for any occasion or situation. Kkerelé’s speciality is making shoes that are comfortable, the leather crafting techniques they use ensure a soft and relaxed fit. The Dee Cover Toe Slip On Shoes have thick platform soles and are made with soft and high-quality leather. Like the June Shoes, these slip ons are suitable for many occasions and are made to go the distance. 

But if leather is not what you’re looking for, there are other brands like 21 Wool Street, who push the boundaries of what crochet can do. Besides being gorgeously made, the products from 21 Wool Street are also practical and made from sustainably sourced wool. Their Diamond Crochet Slides are created using a diamond stitch, which showcases the skill of the weavers and an appreciation for intricate detail. But if you’re looking for crochet shoes that are a bit bolder then there’s the Kaia Nude Cowrie Crocheted Slides. The cowrie shell additions to these slides make it the perfect gift for the beachy people in your life. They also come in both nude and black, which make them easy to style. 

Gifts for the Accessory Obsessed

Accessories can make or break an outfit. That’s why there are so many people out there who are dedicated to having a curated collection of accessories from bags to wallets to socks and eyewear, there’s something to suit everyone like Bohten Eyewear. Bohten is here to redefine glasses and think of them as a part of fashion instead of as a style obstacle. This Ghanaian eyewear label uses reclaimed materials to create gorgeous glasses. These include the Barklae Maple White Eye Glass which is designed with vintage vibes in mind and will make the wearer feel like a superstar. It’s an ADJOAA exclusive design that’s carved from reclaimed wood. In keeping with the vintage vibes, another popular Bohten item are the Exstel Sky Tortoise Eye Glasses. This design is also exclusive to ADJOAA and takes inspiration from the tortoiseshell patterns that were popular in the 1920s, 50s and 80s. While tortoiseshell frames are often labelled as a trend, it’s one that’s stood the test of time and keeps on coming back. 

Hear us out: socks. It doesn’t seem that exciting but everyone needs them and the trendiest people we know often like their socks to be high-quality. Chalé Socks for men offers a range of colourful socks that show both vibrancy and sophistication. Chalé is a Ghanaian brand that uses their craft to tell stories of African heritage. They also give back to the community by providing footwear to underprivileged children. The Bonwire Kente Print Socks are inspired by the Ghanaian town of Bonwire and the world-renowned Kente cloth. But if you’re looking for a gift that has a subtler print there’s also the Gye Nyame Socks. These luxurious socks are sophisticated and symbolic. Each sock bears the Gye Name, which signifies “the Greatness of God” and continues the use of this beautiful traditional symbol. 

Gifts for the Bling Lovers

Any fashion-conscious person will have a range of jewellery and general bling to elevate any outfit. When it comes to buying jewellery for someone – the question is what to choose? Let’s start with JIAMINI, a family-run Kenyan fashion accessories brand. JIAMINI is about uplifting women through jewellery and the crafting of it. They hire skilled craftswomen who are dedicated to making timeless pieces. Some of these timeless pieces include the Moya Neck Piece which is inspired by Masaai sculptures and is made from 18k gold plated brass, glass beads and seed beads. It’s a perfect statement piece. JIAMINI’s Cocktail Ring is another statement piece that features the same materials and is a stunning addition that is guaranteed to level up an outfit. 

You can’t go wrong with gold and SAHMANI Jewellery has more than enough to go around. This is another Ghanaian luxury brand that pays homage to the culture by including traditional symbols and techniques into their jewellery crafting. Their Eternanal II Ring also uses the Gye Name symbol in this piece. It weaves around the finger to create a ring that’s elegant and high-end. SAHMANI also has the unbeatable gold and diamond combination that will forever remain classy. The Sunray Diamond Huggies Earring are hoops accentuated by diamonds and a star design. The diamonds are ethically sourced and the gold used in both of these products is 18 karat. 

For the brands mentioned and many others on the ADJOAA platform. One percent of the proceeds from each item sold goes towards our Social Initiatives Fund to support mentoring, education and internship programs in partnership with our designers in their home country. If you want to find out more about our pledge to sustainability, or want to find more sustainable and ethical gifts, head to ADJOAA, home of 100+ Black-owned businesses.



Cover image credit: August de Richelieu 



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