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Masa Mara

Welcome to MASA MARA, where fashion meets storytelling. Our journey is inspired by a "personal legend" - a purpose that led us to create a brand that celebrates the harmony between the past and the present, the traditional and the modern. We believe fashion is more than just clothing; it's about emotions, passions, and the stories that shape us.

Founded in 2014 by Amza Niyonzima, also known as Eli Gold, MASA MARA is a Cape Town-based ready-to-wear label with a flair for the unexpected. Our designs fuse contemporary sportswear aesthetics with elements of Gold's Rwandan heritage, paying tribute to the cultural wear of various African tribes while celebrating innovation.

With a lifelong love for fashion and a background spanning different African countries, Gold has a deep understanding of the continent's diverse cultures. This knowledge fuels our authentic representation of African traditions in our collections. Urban activewear with vibrant prints defines our pieces, inspired by the African landscape and the spirited optimism of its people.

At MASA MARA, we believe in going against the grain, offering everyday basics with innovative spins. Our bomber jackets boast eccentric silhouettes, and our sweatpants feature striking patterns. Each garment tells a story, honoring the legacy of African tribes and introducing traditional values to the next generation.

Over the years, we've showcased our creations at prestigious events like Cape Town's International Jazz Festival and South African Menswear Fashion Week. Invited to African Fashion Week in Amsterdam, we've been recognized with the Young African Fashion Innovative Award by NNUA in Canada.

Explore our unique fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary style. Join us in celebrating African innovation and embrace the essence of MASA MARA. Welcome to a world where fashion becomes a vibrant canvas for stories untold.

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