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At Sevaria, we believe in the power of fashion to express individuality and celebrate authenticity. Founded in 2018 by young fashion designer and make-up artist Jamie Bryan Kimani, our brand stands at the forefront of gender fluidity and culturally inspired creativity in Nairobi.

Inspired by the desire to break free from gender norms and express personal style, Jamie embarked on a journey to create unique and statement-making apparel. The result? Sevaria - a contemporary brand that beautifully fuses androgynous aesthetics with vibrant Kenyan culture.

Our Aesthetic Roots

Sevaria's aesthetic stems from Jamie's personal style and vision. As a designer who does not conform to traditional gender boundaries, Jamie sought to create clothes that reflect this liberating mindset. Unable to find what he desired in the men's section, he began crafting clothes himself, blending style and comfort effortlessly.

East African culture serves as a wellspring of inspiration for our androgynous fashion. Embracing the rich heritage and traditions, Sevaria incorporates fabrics from the Maasai, celebrating the beauty of our culture through apparel.

Beyond Taboos: Embracing Positivity

While gender fluidity and queerness may still be perceived as taboo in some parts of Africa, Sevaria chooses to focus on the positive. Our creations serve as a canvas to tell stories of African heritages and tribes, promoting a sense of pride and appreciation for our diverse cultural roots.

A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

At Sevaria, we cherish African textiles and incorporate them into our designs, paying homage to the continent's vibrant cultural heritage. While some fabrics may not be traditional, we celebrate their presence as a nod to the rich tapestry of African fashion.

As we look to the future, we aim to further enhance our connection to traditional styles by incorporating more resources and techniques from various African regions.

A Purpose-Driven Path

During the pandemic, uncertainty loomed, but Sevaria remained resilient. Our commitment to making a positive impact pushed us to create charity T-shirt designs, with proceeds supporting underprivileged girls' access to sanitary towels. We also collaborated with Enda to develop an androgynous clothing line, supporting LGBTQ+ centers in Kenya. We firmly believe that clothes are the artistic change we need to better society.

The Vision Ahead

In the coming years, we envision Sevaria thriving as a show-stopping fashion brand, making a powerful statement with every collection. Our goal is to see Sevaria among the top five African brands, known for its showmanship and uniqueness, much like the iconic fashion era of the 1990s.

Sevaria is not just a brand; it is a celebration of identity, pride, and the unyielding spirit of African culture. Discover our collection of culturally inspired genderfluid pieces that foster self-expression and embrace the essence of modernity and tradition. Step into a world where fashion knows no boundaries - Sevaria, where authenticity shines, on ADJOAA

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