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At Project Dyad, we find beauty in contrasts and complementary opposites, creating a dynamic yet harmonious balance through the union of different parts. Our experimental, process-based approach ensures that each creation is carefully handmade in-house from top-quality, locally sourced leathers and materials, reflecting our commitment to craftsmanship and social responsibility.

Project Dyad - where contemporary leather accessories meet innovation and timeless style. Launched in 2016, our Cape Town-based studio is dedicated to exploring the dualities that inspire all creative processes. We believe in constantly evolving and refining our original concepts, fusing meticulous attention to detail with functional design.
Our range offers a diverse selection of aesthetic solutions, perfect for both work and social occasions. From statement pieces to understated elegance, our pieces play with line, color, and texture to accompany you in style.

Each Project Dyad creation is designed to age gracefully, growing more beautiful with time. Join us on our journey of artistic exploration and discover the perfect accessory to express your individuality and embrace the duality of modern design.

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