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Welcome to Olooh, the sartorial and lifestyle menswear brand that embodies a fusion of Ivorian tradition and modernity. Founded in 2018 by Kader Diaby, an Ivorian photographer and musician, Olooh captures the essence of youthfulness, minimalist silhouettes, and immaculate tailoring. With a creative expression influenced by vibrant visual and poetic imagery, Diaby's ready-to-wear brand aims to promote Ivorian culture through organic fabrics like linen, cotton, wood, and leather.

Trained as a photographer and auditor, Diaby's journey into fashion began in 2017 when he started designing his own pieces for photoshoots, drawing inspiration from the sewing techniques learned from his seamstress mother. The overwhelming success of a piece he designed for La Petite Boutique propelled him to create a full-blown collection, establishing Olooh's aesthetic that subtly subverts masculinity while playing with pattern and colour in unexpected ways.

Meaning "ours" in the Senufo language, Olooh draws deep inspiration from Diaby's Ivorian culture and the vibrant energy of his hometown, Abidjan. Each collection represents an exploration of identity through innovative, well-constructed, and timeless menswear pieces. Through design, Diaby interprets his country's untold stories and expresses his personal experiences, observations, and fascination with Abidjan culture.

Olooh is not just a brand; it is a community formed around the universal struggles for better products, better education, better values, better exchanges, better communication, and better representation. Join the Olooh community on ADJOAA and immerse yourself in the captivating world of unisex fashion handcrafted in the Côte d'Ivoire. Experience modernist shapes, bold colours, and the unique energy of Abidjan, as Olooh continues to expand its aesthetic project to include accessories, furniture, and skincare. Embrace the spirit of Olooh and celebrate the beauty of Ivorian tradition and modernity.






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