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REMUSE, the Melbourne-based clothing label where futurism meets nature. Founded by designer and stylist Tamara Leacock, REMUSE is a manifestation of wearable art rooted in resilience and reimagining new futures for adornment. With a commitment to sustainability and conscious manufacturing, REMUSE creates small, ethically produced, trans-seasonal collections that embody the fusion of artisan techniques, low-impact dye technology, and natural fibres.

Each REMUSE collection is released quarterly, aligning with the Equinox and Solstice, providing an opportunity for the brand to reconsider its impact and material choices. With a focus on natural fabrics, vegan materials, and mindfully concocted plant-based dyes, REMUSE explores the intersection of fashion and the earth, embracing the philosophy of reclaiming one's inner musedom.

The materials used by REMUSE include GOTS-certified organic materials, recycled fabrics, and unbleached, unaltered calico, sourced locally and globally. Each piece is designed and manufactured in the Collingwood studio in Victoria, Australia, and the brand is Ethical Clothing Australia accredited.

Tamara Leacock, the visionary behind REMUSE, is a designer and stylist of Bahamian, Brazilian, and Kittitian heritage. With a background in pattern making, draping, and construction, Tamara brings a unique perspective to her designs, integrating natural and recycled materials into androgynous and fluid silhouettes. Her work reflects a deep appreciation for Afro-futurist aesthetics and a commitment to fashion as a vehicle for social justice.

At REMUSE, diversity is celebrated, both in front and behind the scenes of the fashion industry. Tamara continues to create garments and curate events that align with ethical principles, supporting people, animals, and the environment. Explore the world of REMUSE and embrace the fusion of sustainability, artistry, and a visionary future.






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