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SuneV Couture

At SuneV Couture, we are passionate about preserving Ghanaian culture while creating statement pieces that challenge the norm. Our collection showcases the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, where organic straw, recycled brass, repurposed fabrics, and recycled leather become works of art that celebrate the essence of Ghana.

Discover the 'CanoeManye' Clutch and Manye Jewellery Collection, where each piece is meticulously crafted using handcrafted techniques that have been innate to Ghana for generations. Embrace the boldness and uniqueness of our jewellery, clutch bags, foot and face wear, all exquisitely designed to make a statement.

But SuneV Couture is not just about fashion; it's about community and empowerment. We believe in creating opportunities and promoting knowledge sharing within our community, with a special focus on providing jobs for women. Our dedication to traditional straw weaving and lost wax brass casting techniques not only preserves ancient artistry but also empowers the women who bring these pieces to life.

When you choose SuneV Couture, you embrace fashion that goes beyond the ordinary. Embrace your individuality, challenge conventions, and celebrate the rich heritage of Ghana with our striking collection. Step into a world where culture and creativity intertwine seamlessly - SuneV Couture, where every piece tells a story.

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