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Step into the world of ADRINKA London, a brand founded by Sean Ayeltigah and Patrick Okumi, two fiercely proud Ghanaian Brits driven by a passion to celebrate the diverse culture of Africa's 54 countries. ADRINKA London takes inspiration from the Ghanaian Adinkra symbols, which represent aphorisms and visually connect with rich verbal traditions.

Owned by Sean Ayeltigah, a highly experienced graphic designer, and Patrick Okumi, a seasoned financial markets professional, ADRINKA London blends creativity, visual communication, and passion. Explore our collection, inspired by the beauty of Africa, and join us on our journey to discover Africa's stories.

Our story is one that resonates with the modern age, embracing curiosity, diversity, and inclusivity. Through our elegant and refined fashion creations, we invite you to wear the best of African culture. Our designs fuse the vibrant heritage of Africa with the cultures that have enriched our lives. Embrace the allure of ADRINKA London and experience the fusion of fashion and philanthropy.






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