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Atto Tetteh

Step into the world of ATTO TETTEH, a renowned Ghanaian men's clothing brand founded by designer Atto Tetteh in 2014. Experience the fusion of streetwear and high-fashion aesthetics, meticulously crafted with carefully selected fabrics and immense attention to detail. ATTO TETTEH celebrates the richness of African culture and invites men and women worldwide to embrace quality, trendy garments infused with African heritage.

With a firm commitment to uncovering the untold narrative of Africa, ATTO TETTEH has gained repeated recognition and accolades. From features in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar to being listed among '30 under 30' African brands, the brand's exceptional work has captivated the fashion industry. Known as one of Ghana's premier men's clothing brands, ATTO TETTEH skillfully combines streetwear elements with a touch of sophistication to create high-fashion outfits for the contemporary man. The brand also presents select pieces for women, catering to the fashion-forward ladies of today with the use of high-quality materials.
Each ATTO TETTEH creation carries a captivating story, narrating the brand's commitment to cultural celebration. The brand's mission revolves around boldness, strength, and courage, crafting timeless pieces that embody African identity. From sleek silhouettes to experimental , textures, and patterns inspired by West African heritage, ATTO TETTEH's collections showcase meticulous construction and solid colours. With a presence on prominent African fashion runways and acclaim from American Vogue and BellaNaija, the brand continues to inspire and garner fans across genders.

Join the world of ATTO TETTEH, available on ADJOAA, and discover the epitome of African heritage meeting high-fashion. Shop now and elevate your wardrobe with the timeless, original, and quality designs that define ATTO TETTEH








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