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Welcome to Bohten Eyewear - Redefining Style, Sustainability, and Social Impact.

Bohten Eyewear was born from the vision of Nana Boateng Osei, inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Ghana. Fusing a love for nature, style, and Africa, Nana embarked on a journey to create an eyewear brand that stands for more than just fashion. As a Third Culture Kid, he witnessed firsthand the profound impact of culture and travel on our interconnected world, fueling his passion for a brand that represents contrasting identities, challenges the status quo, and shifts cultural paradigms.

The Heart of Bohten: Sustainable Ethos

At Bohten, we dare to ask a fundamental question: What if world-class, sustainable, and stylish eyewear could be made in Africa? This powerful question drives our mission as we strive to create high-quality eyewear while providing meaningful service to our customers.

Sight, Sustainability, and Social Impact:

We believe clear vision is a gateway to a better life. Crafted from reclaimed materials, our functional and lightweight frames not only enhance your sight but also contribute to a positive impact on the environment. By utilizing discarded materials, including reclaimed wood sourced from West Africa, we work towards being just a little greener every day.

Preserving Nature, One Frame at a Time:

Our connection to nature runs deep, evident in the rolling hills and captivating hues of Kwahu, Ghana - a constant reminder of the importance of preservation. Bohten is more than just a product; it reflects a new way of thinking, one that intertwines fashion with sustainability, forging a path towards a greener future.

A Journey of Growth and Innovation:

Since its debut on the Canadian pitch competition, "Dragon's Den," Bohten has continued to evolve its initiative and expand its product line. As marketers and business developers at heart, our co-founders use every opportunity to amplify our message and refine our offerings. With a commitment to sustainable development, we aspire to achieve full manufacturing in Ghana and across the continent within the next 5 years.

Embrace a new perspective on eyewear with Bohten Eyewear, where style, sustainability, and social impact unite. Step into the world of conscientious fashion and join us in preserving what truly matters. Our frames are more than just an accessory; they are a testament to the beauty of reclamation and the power of sustainable luxury.

Come, be a part of our mission to create a better tomorrow, one frame at a time.

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