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Welcome to Inkaturah, where architectural forms meet traditional African design, giving birth to a captivating contemporary jewelry brand. Founded by Zimbabwean architect Phathi Katurah Hlongwane, Inkaturah is a celebration of African aesthetics merged with architectural geometries, producing exquisite statement pieces that tell unique stories.

Immerse yourself in our artistic twist as we blend new techniques and materials, including brass, fabric, and glass beads, to create jewelry that exudes elegance and cultural richness. Each handcrafted piece is a masterpiece that narrates a different story, celebrating the essence of the remarkable individuals who wear them.

Explore our ever-evolving collections, each weaving a different narrative through its art-inspired designs. At Inkaturah, we are committed to offering you a luxurious experience that embraces the soul of Africa while leaving you with statement pieces that express your individuality.

Shop now on ADJOAA and discover the distinctive allure of Inkaturah's contemporary African jewelry, crafted to captivate and empower.

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