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Welcome to Lutaáwó, formerly known as Uzuri Enterprise, a vibrant Afrocentric brand that celebrates the rich and diverse culture of Africa. With a deep-rooted commitment to storytelling and creativity, Lutaáwó offers a curated collection of fashion, art, and lifestyle products that embody the past, present, and future of Africa.

As a brand, Lutaáwó has undergone significant growth and evolution, fueled by the support of our passionate community of cultural enthusiasts. We take great pride in delivering exceptional products and services that reflect the true essence and authenticity of African culture.

Step into our world and explore our latest collection, carefully crafted to capture the beauty and elegance of African heritage. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed, blending traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics, resulting in unique and captivating creations that resonate with the spirit of Africa.

At Lutaáwó, we are dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable shopping experience. Whether you are looking for a striking addition to your wardrobe or a statement piece for your home, we believe you will find it here. We invite you to delve into our archive, immerse yourself in the vibrant colours, patterns, and textures, and embrace the Afrocentric lifestyle.
We are excited to share the beauty of African culture and look forward to being a part of your journey.








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