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Jiamini Kenya

Discover the essence of tradition, craftsmanship, and heritage with JIAMINI, a family-run Kenyan Fashion Accessories Brand. With an exploration into the skills, technique, and craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation by our forefathers, JIAMINI embraces Kenya's beautiful and unique diversity, with each of the 42 tribes gifted with specific sets of skills.

As a brand, JIAMINI is committed to celebrating this rich diversity by cherishing that which is made by hand. We honor the skills and techniques inherited from our ancestors and interpret them through a modern lens, infused with an ethical and sustainable approach to luxury.

With innovative designs and the use of renewable resources, JIAMINI preserves timeless African techniques while infusing a contemporary touch into delicate beaded embroidery and weave. Each piece is a celebration of Kenya's cultural heritage, developed around the idea of comfort, complementing the body's feminine form and grace.

Empowering women to embrace their true selves, JIAMINI's one-of-a-kind pieces represent the bold, brilliant, confident, courageous, and strong aspects of their identity. Skilled female artisans bring these designs to life, respecting old-age traditions and creating timeless staple pieces.

Beyond fashion, JIAMINI's mission is to uplift women through economic empowerment and employment, one stitch at a time. By supporting JIAMINI, you contribute to preserving Kenya's traditional craftsmanship and promoting sustainable luxury. Embrace tradition and empowerment with JIAMINI, MADE IN KENYA BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN. Shop now on ADJOAA.

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