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Ekantik is a Tanzanian streetwear label founded by Anjali Borkhataria in 2018. Ekantik is more than just a clothing brand; it's a movement that bridges the gap between western and African cultures, telling the untold stories of Africa through its innovative designs.

At Ekantik, practicality, honesty, and great design are at the core of every garment. Inspired by hardworking people, a lifetime of travel, and street culture, Ekantik creates wearable looks with a focus on fabric, fit, and meticulous craftsmanship. The brand's utilitarian approach, fused with tailoring and a touch of Africa, results in a unique design recipe that exudes cleanliness, sophistication, and uniqueness.

Ekantik's goal is to inspire a brighter, bolder tomorrow through creativity and positivity. While selling clothes may not solve all the world's problems, the brand provides an outlet for people who care about sustainable fashion and conscious consumption. With Ekantik, you have the opportunity to #startsomewhere and build a wardrobe that reflects your values.
Explore the African heritage and modern aesthetic of Ekantik on ADJOAA and discover meaningful pieces that make a lasting impact. Join our army of conscious consumers and embrace the fusion of style, sustainability, and cultural appreciation. Shop now and be part of the Ekantik movement.

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