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Experience the vibrant world of MxDonna, an African-inspired fashion brand founded by Cynthia M. Orji, a passionate graduate of International Relations with a flair for style. Embrace sensuality and freedom of movement with our unique blend of African roots and vintage aesthetics.

MxDonna represents the essence of urban-contemporary fashion, infusing the traditions and heritage of Africa into modern, sustainable designs. Established in April 2016, we are a Nigerian ready-to-wear brand that celebrates the energy and spirit of Africa—international, urban, eclectic, and fun!

From workwear to weekend outfits and evening elegance, MxDonna caters to the real-life needs of men and women of all ages. Our designs are a perfect balance of comfort, fashion, and friendliness, spreading our unique style across the globe. Join us on ADJOAA to embrace the beauty of Africa with MxDonna.

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