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Kente Gentlemen

Welcome to Kente Gentlemen, a renowned clothing brand based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Founded in 2017 by Aristide Loua, Kente Gentlemen strives to create a sustainable balance of colour, poetry, and culture in each meticulously crafted piece. Our commitment to ethical means of production and consumption is evident in our collaborations with local craftswomen and men in our in-house ateliers.

At Kente Gentlemen, we recognize that African fashion encompasses a multitude of traditions, cultures, and techniques. Through our creative designs, we celebrate the richness and diversity of West African weaving heritage. Each garment is expertly cut and sewn by talented craftsmen at our own atelier, using fabrics made on the continent.
As a brand dedicated to sustainability and cultural appreciation, Kente Gentlemen captures the essence of African fashion in a playful and vibrant manner. Under the creative direction of Aristide Loua, our collections honour the legacy of West African textiles while infusing contemporary styles.

Now, you can shop the exceptional creations of Kente Gentlemen on ADJOAA, the premier shopping platform. Experience the captivating allure of African fashion and embrace our commitment to ethical production and cultural preservation. Explore our range of contemporary clothing and accessories, beautifully reflecting the harmonious blend of colour, poetry, and culture that defines Kente Gentlemen.







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