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August Sevnth, a fashion and lifestyle brand created by the talented designer Somtochukwu Sunny-Etele. With a background in marketing, sales, product development, and styling, Somtochukwu has dedicated her career to the art of personal and fashion styling while simultaneously building her own brand.

Through her experiences and passion for fashion, Somtochukwu has meticulously woven her creative journey into the fabric of August Sevnth. From working on incredible projects and styling prominent personalities to collaborating on various shoots and wardrobe styling, she has honed her skills and nurtured her unique aesthetic.

At the heart of August Sevnth lies a vision to expand the purpose of fashion, intertwining stories, culture, and sustainability. By infusing these elements into her designs, Somtochukwu aims to create fashion that goes beyond aesthetics, allowing individuals to express their unique narratives and embrace their cultural heritage.

Embrace the vision of August Sevnth, where fashion becomes a platform for storytelling, cultural celebration, and sustainability. Explore the brand's captivating collection on ADJOAA and embark on a fashion journey that empowers self-expression while leaving a positive impact on the world








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