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Step into the world of BKCo, a fashion brand created by the visionary designer Omalara Ogunniyi. With a lifelong passion for fashion, Omalara has become an icon in the industry, captivating the world with her innate sense of style and her ability to create designs that leave a lasting impression.

From a young age, Omalara has honed her skills, experimenting with fabrics, colours, and textures to craft unique and unforgettable pieces. She understands the transformative power of fashion and believes that it has the ability to change the world. With this belief at the core of her brand, Omalara is dedicated to creating a more welcoming and inclusive world through her designs.

BKCo embodies the spirit of change, blending fashion with a powerful message. Each garment tells a story and represents Omalara's commitment to making a difference. Explore the BKCo collection on ADJOAA and be part of a fashion movement that embraces the power of change. Discover designs that are not only stylish but also reflect a vision of a more inclusive and welcoming world.







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