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Step into the world of BLOKE, a genderless artisanal label created by designer Faith Oluwajimi. Founded in 2015, BLOKE brings forth a distinctive notion of luxury, blending a quirky and artsy design aesthetic with an undertone of spiritual consciousness. Each garment and object is thoughtfully crafted for both performative function and collectable purpose.

At BLOKE, we are passionate about exploring the possibilities of ethically made garments, paying meticulous attention to textile fabrication and craftsmanship. Sustainability and the preservation of long-established local artisanal practices are at the heart of our brand ethos. We engage a small community of knitters, diverse textile artists, local artisans, and design groups in Nigeria, collaborating closely to communicate our unique design language.
This collection delves into the concept of family and its impact on individuals in contemporary society. Drawing inspiration from sedjou keita's 70's photographs and recent paintings of joy labinjo, we explore family dynamics through an African gaze. The garments feature prints of family tree diagrams and anagrams, symbolising the interwoven intricacies of family and paying homage to ancestral respect in African culture.
The colour palette embraces the complete spectrum of colours, representing the diversity and complexities within a family, despite the unifying bond they share. Through an artisanal approach, we utilise fabrics with different textures such as cotton, linen, lace, and satin, along with a blend of yarns including rayon, metallic, cotton, and polyester for the knitted offerings.

As an artisanal label, we employ techniques such as knitting, hand-dyeing, applique, hand stitching, silkscreening, and patchwork to accentuate the differences and unifying similarities that bond a family.
Explore the captivating world of BLOKE on ADJOAA and embrace the fusion of quirky artistry, sustainable luxury, and the celebration of family.


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