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Clara & Violet

Step into a world where African heritage meets modern luxury, and fashion becomes a symbol of empowerment and pride. Clara & Violet continues to shine as a brand that embraces the essence of bold, sophisticated, and fashion-conscious women with roots in Africa.

Our Founder's Vision:

Chinyelum Davidson, affectionately known as Chi-Chi, has paved the way for Clara & Violet to become a beacon of African-inspired fashion. With her unwavering passion for design, art, and adire fabric, Chi-Chi has created a space where every woman can dream big and believe in her potential to achieve greatness.

Empowering the Multi-Faceted Woman:

Clara & Violet stands strong in the belief that every woman is more than a single job title; she possesses passions, talents, and ideas that make her unique. We celebrate your individuality and offer accessories that exude contemporary elegance while embracing your African heritage.

Contemporary Luxury with a Timeless Soul:

Our stunning collection of contemporary luxury accessories fuses modern aesthetics with the timeless richness of African culture. Each piece is designed in London, and our vibrant fabrics, handmade in Africa, add an authentic touch that resonates with your soul.

A Proud Journey:

Our journey has been marked by the celebration of strong women like Clara and Violet, who experienced life in both sunny Africa and cooler London temperatures. Clara & Violet embodies the spirit of empowerment and luxury, where every woman deserves to feel confident, beautiful, and inspired.






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