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Djiguiyaso Cooperative

At the heart of Djiguiyaso, Aissata Namoko leads a remarkable cooperative based in Bamako, Mali, providing meaningful employment opportunities for over 100 talented women in the textile industry. Our journey is rooted in celebrating Mali's rich textile heritage and traditions, especially the art of Bogolan, characterized by indigo knotted dye techniques.

Traditional Craftsmanship:
Our artisans are masters in various crafts, including crocheting, weaving, spinning, cutting, and sewing. We've harnessed their incredible skills to create a diverse range of 100-percent organic cotton products. From cozy cushions and bedspreads to elegant curtains, dresses, tablecloths, and versatile handbags, Djiguiyaso offers a piece of Mali's culture and artistry for your everyday life.

UNESCO Recognition:
In 2010, our cooperative received the prestigious recognition of UNESCO for our exceptional work. This acknowledgment reflects our commitment to preserving and promoting traditional Malian textile techniques while providing sustainable livelihoods for our dedicated artisans.

Join Us in Celebrating Mali's Textile Heritage:
Experience the authentic beauty of Mali through Djiguiyaso's exquisite creations. Every purchase you make supports the livelihoods of these talented women and helps us continue our mission. Explore our collection and be part of our journey to keep Mali's textile traditions alive.

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