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Domina by Michelle

Domina by Michelle is a prestigious Nigerian fashion brand founded by Oge Michelle Otuya in 2018. With a focus on prestige, femininity, functionality, and timeless designs, Domina by Michelle caters to women who appreciate the intricacies of quality fashion.

Sustainability is at the core of the brand's practices, ensuring that each garment is well-made with classic cuts and a modern interpretation. The goal is for these pieces to become vintage over time, cherished and passed down from mothers to daughters. Domina by Michelle offers the perfect marriage of classic designs, rich fabrics, and African heritage, inspired by a love for art.

Each piece is handcrafted by artisans in Africa, incorporating vibrant colours, traditional printing techniques, and rich embellishments. The brand works closely with ethical fabric suppliers, minimising waste in production processes and reducing its carbon footprint within manufacturing and distribution. Deadstock fabrics and sustainably sourced natural fabrics are used, producing limited runs for spot-on overall quality, exclusivity, and reduced environmental waste.

At Domina by Michelle, every garment is created with passion and dedication. Skilled artisans across Nigeria carefully craft and create each piece and print, telling stories through every item. The brand's mission is to provide comfortable, great-fitting, stylish, and beautiful investment pieces that last a long while. They encourage conscious consumerism in fashion by offering staple pieces that can be worn almost anywhere.

Join the community of women with similar values at Domina by Michelle. Shop the collection of timeless and sustainable designs on ADJOAA and experience top-quality products, reliability, and a brand driven by excellence.








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