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Pepper Row

Welcome to Pepper Row, the manifestation of playful sophistication and a celebration of African arts and craftsmanship. Founded in 2018 by Nigerian designer Omafume Niemogha, Pepper Row is a New-Luxury Sustainable Fashion Brand based in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria. With a mission to create garments, footwear, and accessories for bold, sophisticated, and playful free spirits, Pepper Row merges Africa's rich cultural heritage, arts, and craftsmanship with modern influences for a global clientele.

At Pepper Row, we believe in the power of fashion to drive positive social and environmental change. We are passionate about exploring, promoting, and preserving the age-old traditional craftsmanship of hand-weaving, dying textiles, wood carving, and hand painting. Collaborating with artisans in small communities, we work towards training and empowering them while ensuring fair trade practices and sustainable production methods.
Our ensembles are designed for the contemporary and conscious woman, reflecting the characteristically eccentric style of Pepper Row. Lively prints, textures, and colour bring vibrancy to our collections. Pepper Row employs traditional craftsmanship techniques like hand-weaving and Batik dyeing, alongside sustainability practices like upcycling and natural vegetable dyes, to create statement pieces that blend tradition and modernity.

Pepper Row stands as a testament to our commitment to utilising sustainable raw materials and innovative production techniques with conscious consideration for the environment. We invite you to explore our collection on ADJOAA and join us in celebrating the beauty of African culture and craftsmanship. Embrace the spirit of Pepper Row and embody playful sophistication as a free spirit in search of bold and sustainable fashion.

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