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Romy Calzado

Romy Calzado, the fashion brand founded by Cuban native designer Romy Calzado. With a background in Fashion Design and CAD Modelling from Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milan, Romy brings a fusion of influences to her collections. Her work experiences with renowned fashion houses such as Etro S.p.a and Musani S.r.l have shaped her passion for ethnic prints and classic elegance.

Romy's brand is a celebration of creativity, where she artistically expresses her feelings and emotions through fashion. Breaking stereotypes, she debunks the misconception that a Caribbean designer should only focus on florals and prints. Instead, Romy embraces the colours and intensity of her birthplace while infusing them with the charm of Western aesthetics.

Her collections have garnered international attention, with her debut spring/summer 2022 collection, "Unlabeled," making waves during Fashion Week. Featuring garments made from antiviral and antibacterial graphene denim, including the renowned chemisier Naomi 1.5 worn by top model Naomi Campbell, Romy's designs showcase innovation and style.
Romy believes in the transformative potential of fashion, design, art, and culture. She sees them as powerful tools for cross-cultural exchange, empowerment, and sustainable economic development. Explore Romy Calzado's unique creations on ADJOAA and embrace the beauty of her Caribbean-inspired designs with a modern twist.







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