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Made For A Woman

Made For A Woman: Where Fashion Meets Ethics, Sustainability, and Empowerment

Welcome to Made For A Woman, a revolutionary fashion brand from Madagascar with a powerful mission to create positive change. Since 2019, we have been redefining fashion's paradigms by championing sustainability, gender equality, and authentic storytelling.

Sustainable, Scalable, and Impactful

At Made For A Woman, we have built a sustainable and scalable business model that centers around gender equality. As the first women-led and women-centered fashion brand in Madagascar, we prove that fashion can be a driving force for social and environmental good.

Empowering Artisans, Celebrating Raphia

We empower and support local artisans in Madagascar, who skillfully use raphia, a locally sourced natural fiber, to craft unique bags, hats, accessories, and ready-to-wear pieces. By choosing Made For A Woman, you are embracing ethical shopping and making a conscious choice for a better world.

Radical Transparency and Authenticity

We believe in radical transparency and genuine storytelling. Our commitment to these principles ensures that we lead by example, building a fairer and more sustainable future for all.

Uniting Women Across the Globe

Led by Italian-Indian Founder and CEO, Eileen Akbaraly, our international team consists of creative women from diverse backgrounds, including Madagascar, Italy, Japan, Spain, France, and more. Our collective passion drives us to create an empowering dialogue between our artisans, customers, and the fashion industry.

Changing Lives, One Creation at a Time

Made For A Woman's impact goes beyond fashion; it transforms lives. By employing over 350 artisans in Madagascar, 92% of whom are women, we work to improve their resilience and quality of life. Guided by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, Women Empowerment Principles, and the World Fair Trade Organization's Guiding Principles, we uplift communities and foster positive change.

Supporting Women, Supporting the World

Supporting women is at the core of our social strategies. As women reinvest more in their families and communities, empowering them fuels the development and resilience of their entire country.

Building Connections, Creating Community

We celebrate our artisans, giving them a voice through QR codes on each product label. This unique approach allows our customers to connect with the skilled artisans who bring their creations to life, promoting a sense of community and fostering a deep appreciation for craftsmanship.

Join Us on This Journey of Empowerment

At Made For A Woman, we invite you to be part of a transformative journey. Embrace sustainable luxury, celebrate African craftsmanship, and empower women. Together, we are weaving a brighter future for fashion, one creation at a time.

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