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Our Manifesto


We spotlight and elevate designers of African descent.

We celebrate the curiosity, complexity and craft-person-ship of African and Black diaspora designers, as both innovators and cultural taste-makers of discerning, premium designs.


We wear our stories.
We believe that the narrative of African makers and designers belongs to them, and we share it while leading the way for socially conscious businesses.


We believe that designers of African descent deserve more equity in the world of premium fashion and that their craft and expertise should be accessible to a wider audience.
We provide a curated platform for consumers to find thoughtfully-crafted and value aligned fashion and lifestyle brands by designers of African descent.
Our makers have transparent production processes, source and produce locally to stimulate and contribute to their local economies by providing employment opportunities.


We are a global platform for creative industry practitioners, curators, creators, writers, activists, style makers, tastemakers and image-makers from underestimated backgrounds.

We facilitate dialogues that present a more nuanced and holistic perspective on issues away from the prevailing eurocentric narrative.
We chaperone a growing collective of skilled makers and creatives. We live to lift each other up, invite everyone to the table, and add a touch of beauty and humanity to everyday living.


We engage with current and pressing societal issues that matter to us and our community.
We are committed to building transformative solutions that tackles barriers faced by designers of African heritage in the fashion ecosystem.
We are committed to contributing to policy dialogues that aim to effect positive social change on a local, regional and global level.


We demystify the monolithic narrative about African and black people by providing content that is accessible, informative, engaging and thought-provoking.
We welcome fashion buyers and global customers to explore, discover and fall in love with consciously and thoughtfully-made brands from the Continent of Africa and the diaspora.We exist to provide our audience with access to material things that make them feel good, and ideas that make them feel better.


We break down barriers in knowledge and equip our makers with the access to key industry reports, insights, research on latest innovations and business opportunities.
We create and curate impactful webinars, workshops, host creative conversations and programs in collaboration with our partners in the industry for our makers and community.

We provide business mentoring sessions and advice to our makers to ensure the viability and success of their business.
We believe in the financial viability of our makers and the artisanal communities they work with and have a commitment through our partnerships to support them to be more sustainable.


We are a company founded on growing community and driving social change; for good. We want a fair and just society for makers, consumers and the planet.
We are creating a community for conscientious Gen Y and Gen Z where we can discover, shop, learn, and engage with current and pressing societal issues that matter. 
We live to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves; shaped by the stories of our past and the strength of our future. We offer equity to every person we welcome to our platform.

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