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Rhita Sebti

Rhita Sebti was born in Brussels to a diplomat father but originally from Morocco. She got exposed to fashion by attending fashion shows with her fashionista mother and was soon hooked on the world of fashion. 

In 1989, her father was appointed ambassador to Rome. This was an opportunity for Rhita's mother to mingle with iconic Italian designers and eventually became the muse for some of them.

Sebti was inspired by all the fashion icons she had met such as the Fendi sisters and would soon go on to start her own fashion brand. In 2016, she launched her footwear line featuring wedge babouches or slippers, keen on blending tradition and modernity, with style and comfort. 

Thanks to the skilled hands of Moroccan artisans, the brand's flagship models were born, such as the "Jana" design made from an ancient Moroccan embroidered fabric known as "Terz el Gharza", the "Jasmine" design encrusted with crystals and the best-seller, the "Amber”. Over the years, Rhita Sebti has diversified its creations by offering flat babouches, sandals, and slippers all while keeping the Moroccan touch.

Part of the brand’s creations highlight the Berber culture of Morocco through the use of the ancestral jewelry that has been reclaimed.

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